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When they signed him. I mean, Obviously they were taking a chance because he hadn't pitched in this country. But in a year deal for $25 million, not bad, and they they had him is kind of a five inning. Pitcher. Check swing. Did he go? Yes, he did. Appeal down the first. Grayson Greiner strike one The twins have let him work deeper into games. Memory took the no hitter into the ninth and since Milwaukee starts ago. And they traded for him. They had four years left swinging a tap. Fowley was a solid pitcher for the Dodgers. I guess they were looking for maybe a little bit more, but his big improvements this year has always been a strikeout pitcher. He's cut his walks sharply. Hey, and much improved against lefties, too consistent picture. This is a heck of an edition and a heck of a trade. For the Minnesota Twins. They needed pitching. Going to the count of grace and grinder. The pitch slider loan away one ball two strikes. It's very similar mechanics. Deliveries for Japanese pitchers Stand square to home plate the step back arms go up. Pause the turn. Lift the leg in just a slight pause, and then the drive to home plate, the 12 Slider way they're not all the same. But there are many similarities. Most of the Japanese pictures we have seen I've ever seen in the little League World Series. Same thing. Hello? Two balls, two strikes and Grayson Greiner, the pitch swinging a minister. He just stuck with that slider knew we'd get him eventually, and he was right. What pitch?.

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