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By one to nineteen. Wins. News time twelve thirty four well Christmas trees could be carrying a little something special this year. That's according to Senator Chuck Schumer who spoke at a news conference earlier. He says an invasive bug called a lantern fly. Maybe hitching a ride on some trees. It is not an infestation New York yet. But they've been spotted in Suffolk County in Albany and in gates county, which is in the finger lakes small numbers of them. But they will come here. And one of the ways they come through our Christmas trees. Out of state. And of course, are imported in state the spotted lantern flies in invasive species native to China and southeastern Asia and feeds on seventy different kinds of trees plants and crops wins news time, twelve thirty five. The government could be heading for a partial shutdown at the end of this week if the White House and congressional leaders failed to reach an agreement so far there's no signal of a deal. Correspondent Jordan Phelps has more. The White House is digging in on the president's declaration that he'd be proud to shut down parts of the federal government in order to secure funding for a southern border wall. White House adviser Stephen Miller on CBS face the nation. We're going to do whatever is necessary to build the border wall to stop this ongoing crisis illegal immigration, President Trump is requesting five billion dollars for the project, but Democrats are only willing to give one point six billion for border security broadly, and in Europe, hundreds of Italians in migrants have taken to the streets to protest a tough new migration law. Megan Williams has more from. Mhm Rome holding stand up for your rights signs, the talian in African migrants. Protested a tough new law that has eliminated humanitarian.

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