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At UMG C EDU. Certified to operate by shev. Four 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, there's Rick McClure. All right, Ralph, let's head over to Meryl at I two 70, a little below speed headed south through highest town from a four route one O 9, not much to talk about on that one. Just volume and even that's getting less and less as we speak. I 70, though, is very heavy, headed east, coming down from south mountain. We had a crash through myersville at the exit 42 to route 17. That was shouldered right, but it still continues to draw lots of attention. I 95 no problems there. The BW Parkway had some volume off and on, headed north through Riverdale and parts of greenbelt, volume was getting slower, headed south through Jessica from before route one 75 down to route 32. That always seems to happen on a Sunday afternoon. Route 50 volume delays along both sides to and across the bay bridge from the eastbound side delays after keep Sinclair toward the eastbound span volume along the westbound side from after the 53 O one split now to around mid span had a crash, Steve founded near the 53 O one merge single lane was getting a buy at last check. Three lanes west two lanes east across the bay and sent over to Virginia, a little better over there, 66, no problems there on three 95, you're good, I 95, just volume, long both sides, south from before lord and woodbridge and parts of Dale City, heaviest on the northbound side, Ross to rappahannock through spotsylvania and Fredericksburg and parts of falmouth down in king George county route three O one toward the nice Mac millets and bridge still moving well issue free, delays were near dahlgren, and through the district, the freeway had some volume through southeast and southwest from before the third street tunnel toward main avenue, the two 95s, north from the levee street bridge, to Pennsylvania avenue and south, looking good for now, the new appliance truckload event at Lowe's is going on right now. They have a large selection of refrigerators, ranges, and more from the brands you trust, shop the event online or in store now, while supplies last, valid through 8 17. In fact, X two days wait. Rick McClure WTO P traffic. Not a storm team four meteorologist, Samara Theodore. Temperatures are headed into the 60s tonight with a chance for showers. Showers are likely on your Monday

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