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Incredible journey is only just beginning. It is not for a mega move, an update and another witch hunt has now come to a close the Manhattan D a. Cyrus, Partisan Hack Vance. Has announced he will not charge former President Trump in the investigation of the Trump Organization. Uh, so that is all about allegations of hush money payments and real estate value manipulations, according To a personal lawyer for Donald Trump. So another witch hunt bites the dust. And again, he's got to be the most investigated men in the history of America. Do you think the Chairman Jo would hold up under the scrutiny of such investigations? Of course not. Let's keep all the focus on Donald Trump. Former President Trump not happy with the former attorney general Bill Barr for slapping down his allegations of voter fraud, calling it all Bull Dukie. Responding to a book excerpt from the author and journalist Jonathan Karl, published on Sunday in the Atlantic, Uh former President Trump lashed out of bar describing him as a rhino. Republican in name, only, accusing him of helping to facilitate the cover up the crime of the century. In a statement issued yesterday, quote it's people in authority like Bill Barr that allow the crazed radical left to succeed. He and other rhinos in the Republican Party of being used in order to try to convince people the election was legitimate when so many incredible facts have now come out to show conclusively that it wasn't He said It was a sting. Uh, yeah, It was a stinger. Right? We got stunned the American people. By the way, Tony Shaffer. Colonel Shaffer said the bill Barr disregarded and ignored voter fraud evidence didn't even look at it. So how would you know that It was Bull Dukie if you even look at the evidence in the in the first place. President. Trump also said that uh, radical of New York City and state prosecutors who have let murderers rapists, drug dealers in all forms of crime skyrocket the record levels. Just now they will be releasing hundreds of people involved in violent crime back out on the streets well, without retribution of any kind. The rude they're nasty and totally biased the way they are treating lawyers, representatives and some of the wonderful long term employees and people within the Trump organization. Well, you may want to get him out of New York permanently, then. Don't be the last personnel. New McLaughlin pullout shows that Chairman Jo is slipping and Trump remains strong 80% Of the GOP primary votes support. Where President Trump well, Joe Biden is in the country. Now, voters saying the country is headed in the right direction is dropping, and so are his approval ratings. As well. This is an interesting poll. Vice president, cackling camera. In a head to head matchup. With Donald Trump, according to McLaughlin Associates. Poll. Trump beats Harris 49 to 45% in that poll So already they're beginning to disregard Chairman Jo And start to run polls with Donald Trump heads up against cackle in Camel er, Everybody's saying for our country and for our Children, the best is yet to come. Indeed, it is a long way to go get a lot of big, big fight ahead of us here. And right now we're gonna talk with Steve Friedman of the law offices of Michael A. Freedman. Steven. Good morning. Hey, Sean. Good morning. How you doing? We're doing fine. Thank you. All right. So let's say you're just traveling along minding your business. You're going through a green light you're driving and all of a sudden State owned big state highway dump truck goes through a red light and smashes into causing personal injury. Well, now we're going to talk about the Maryland toward Claims Act, and, um, the act comes into play when the state is going to be a defendant in a personal injury case, so The purpose of the Maryland Tort Claims Act really is to insulate state employees from tort liability if they're acting in the scope of the employment. Um It requires the plaintiff. To submit a written claim to the state treasurer within one year after the injury, So certainly the statute of limitations of three years applies but before even a lawsuit can happen when you're suing the state for personal injury, you have to comply with the notice requirement of the Maryland toward Claims Act so It has to be in writing. You have to put in the right in the in the letter concise statement of the facts. Specific damages and the name and address of the parties. With respect to the Maryland Tort Claims Act. There's a cap on damages. Years ago, it was $200,000. They have now increased that to $400,000 per victim. There's also unfortunately for lawyers, there's a cap on attorney fees, which is 20% of the settlement. And 25% of any judgment. Most of the time. These are a third and if you go to trial, it becomes 40%. So it really does limit the attorney fees. A lot of attorneys don't take Maryland Tort Claims Act because of that. But we are affirmed that certainly works with the Maryland Tort Claims Act all the time. A few examples of tort claims act that I have handled Several years ago, I represented a gentleman who was incarcerated, found guilty of a drug charge and he was murdered while in prison. He was stabbed 69 times. Because guards were very negligent in their security and operation. So we were able to get the max for his family of $200,000. That was the cap years ago. We have represented plaintiffs who have been involved when struck by a Maryland Transportation Authority dump truck. And we had a client. Actually, that fell down at B W I airport because of uneven steps. So the Tour claims Act has all kinds of wide reaching, um, factors and areas and throughout Maryland. So if you've been involved in any accident Give us a call. Let us go to work for you and protect your rights, Sean..

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