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I'm Tanya. Mostly, I'm Peter O'Dowd. It's hearing coming up. The presidential race is still too close to call. But Joe Biden has taken the lead in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. Also, millions of Americans are still unemployed during this pandemic. I'll check in with two families who are watching what happens with the election closely and worry about the weeks ahead. One of the challenges is going to be here comes Christmas. My six year old has already started declaring that Santa will be coming on an e R nurse in Arizona waging a new war against the surging Corona. You must be tired. I'm exhausted. Coming up here and now the news is first. Live from NPR news. I'm Laxmi, saying President Trump and former vice president Biden are still in a dead heat. In a handful of states where votes are still being processed this hour. The Republican is still ahead in North Carolina. 50.1% of Biden's 48.7 million ballots postmarked Election Day have until November 12 to get to election officials in that state. The Democrat currently leads in the rest of the battle grounds in Nevada. The AP has Biden at 49.7%. Trump at 48.1. Most mail ballots remain outstanding in Clark County, home to the Democratic stronghold of Las Vegas. Buns lead in Arizona has narrowed as tallies are updated in Maricopa County, where Phoenix is traditionally Republican in Georgia. The margin of Biden's lead over Trump is so small officials they're getting ready for a recount. Then there's 20 electoral votes at stake in Pennsylvania. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports. Biden's lead in that state is growing as the vote count is tallied in two of the state's largest democratic strongholds. Biden is in a stronger position to win the presidency as results continue to trickle in from the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions based on the states. The Associated Press is called Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes would push Biden beyond to 70. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is urging the city to remain patient. As all the ballots are counted this week, the eyes of the nation in the world were here in Philadelphia. I'm proud to say the Philadelphia showed up. They mailed imbalance amidst an unprecedented conditions. In a statement, the Trump campaign without evidence, claimed numerous irregularities and accused Pennsylvania election officials of a lack of transparency at the polls. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS PHILADELPHIA Today. President Trump said his campaign would pursue all legal avenues to ensure quote full transparency into vote counting and election certification. The historic election aside, Congress has yet to reach a deal that gets financial relief to millions of Americans suffering under a rapidly growing Corona virus pandemic. Here's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The imperative to air could not be greater over 9.5 million nine million people infected nearly a quarter million deaths in tens of millions on unemployment. Again. I'm calling on the administration to come back to the table. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still holding out for a bill with a far smaller price tag. Then what the Democrats have been demanding. I do think we need another one. But I think it reinforces the argument that I've been making the last few months. That's something smaller rather than throwing Another $3 trillion. This issue is more appropriate. You're listening to NPR News Live from VD News on Brian Watt, a former Sonoma County sheriff's deputy has been arrested in connection to an incident nearly a year ago in which a man died in police custody, Alex Hemsley reports Former deputy Charles Blount was booked Monday on suspicion of felony involuntary manslaughter and assault by a public officer. A misdemeanor. Blount was captured on body camera video last November, slamming the head of a disabled man David Ward into a car door frame after a high speed pursuit. Coroner found war died as a result of blunt force trauma. Other injuries suffered during a violent struggle with deputies. Blount's arrest marks a significant step in what's been a slow investigation. Almost a year since Ward's death. It's also reportedly the first time a Snowman County law enforcement officer has ever been arrested for an on duty killing. Blount is due to appear in court next Thursday. I'm Alex Emslie News. The race to be the new supervisor for San Francisco's Richmond district is still too close to call. The latest count shows margin Phil Hower. Leading by a slim margin is Julie Chang reports. As of Thursday afternoon, Phil Hower is leading in the race for San Francisco's District one but only by 87 votes after ranked choice voting. Politically moderate candidate and former senior adviser to mayor London Breed is closely trailed by Connie Chan Chan is a progressive Democrat and former aide to supervisor Aaron Peskin. Well. How refused to claim victory Wednesday, saying all votes must be counted. The city's Department of Election says it still has tens of thousands of ballots that need to be processed. City officials plan.

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