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We call her big frosty. I don't know. How many years she's got left in her or how much each ice cube is costing me? But I do know that she keeps the fish call. You don't have to be an expert because PICO has lots of ways to help you business. Save energy and money like high efficiency equipment to replace big frosty. Visit PICO dot com slash smart ideas. Pico future is on. For this evening. We'll have some light snow slick roads are possible. Especially south of the city with a low of twenty seven and then tomorrow areas of light snow in the morning taper off in the afternoon. It's five thirty. The Penn medicine studio ranked among the top in the nation and number one in Pennsylvania by US news and World Report, this KYW, NewsRadio ten sixty a radio dot com station. The government shutdown is now in record-setting mode with no end in sight. And the New York Times says the FBI was concerned the President Trump was working for Russia. Now shutdowns hitting a lot of homes how to cope Smith. Vice if you're on food stamps for your working, I'm David Mann eagles fans make the trip to New Orleans hoping they're on the road to victory. It's going to be great game. If we win the absolutely wonderful hind Tim Jimenez at the airport. And as a matter of fact, I just got to the hotel and then this half hour, you'll hear cabinet Bank Bankin live from the hotel. He's traveling with the team that the flyers are an accident this afternoon they lost to New Jersey by a score of three two two. Good afternoon. I'm Wally Kennedy. Our top story at five thirty one. While the president is calling on Democrats to come back to Washington right now and given the money for his wall. The new time says at one point FBI was very concerned that Mr. Trump is acting on behalf of Russia twenty two days longest federal government shutdown in US history. Eight hundred thousand workers going unpaid I've been with the agency for twenty two years. And this is my first time without a paycheck. So really uncharted territory for us the shutdown over funding for a wall at the border CBS's. Kenneth grey, President Trump has walked back his vows to declare a national emergency. If he has to in order to get his wall. The absolute right to do in many ways, it's easy way out, but this is up to congress, and it should be up to congress, and they should do it. With most lawmakers at home for the weekend negotiations between the White House and congressional Democrats have fallen apart with no new talks or plans. Incite a torrent of tweet reaction at the White House to a New York Times report, the FBI investigated, the president probing whether he might actually be working for the Russians CBS. Errol Barnett President Trump defiant this morning saying that he dismissed James Comey because of his incompetency called him a total. Sleaze the president also went on to say that the former leaders of the FBI were corrupt and almost all of them were fired or forced to leave for some very, bad reasons. I'm Jim Taylor. Ben is five thirty two traffic and weather on the twos. Sponsored by window nation. No payments.

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