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And one do that I don't care and I'm not afraid of code nineteen I'm the same way about that not only that I wouldn't want to get on one of these lists they've got the so called contact tracers now you've you pop in as one of these Kopet people on in their database now they're gonna be up your **** about where you go and who you talk to and so on and so forth and that stuff doesn't sound particularly enticing I'm curious about the other direction so what if you want to travel internationally it's probable that at some point in the relatively near future I'm thinking weeks or months here then you can you even travel internationally right now if you're talking about so it did we in weeks or months that there will be some kind of internationally agreed upon telling Ming test immunity **** certificate thing that you may have to have in order to come into the country now consider that there isn't one for viral meningitis mmhm there isn't one for her you know the flu aids aids at the you pick the virus right it's scary as it might be in there some scary ones out there probably the most scary one is rabies and they do in fact have requirements for animals and travels around they do so rabies is a terrible terrible disease and now they're gonna be treating people like dogs basically while on international flights that's a scary concept mark I hope you're wrong but I think you're probably right about the direction it's going to go and it's a to me the best I can tell covert nineteen is not impressive now on the scale of viruses and again I am not even particularly deadly compared to well that's what he thinks is not particularly impressive it's not worth the the big change that we've seen yeah and at the so what we're seeing people who want this don't travel internationally I can assure you they don't want they don't deal with this very much the people who want the regulations yeah I searched and so more here from on time and I know about code nineteen hello there aren't from YouTube videos of Dr Ericsson Dr Russian Petar doctor she will he he had a wry I guess and doctor should retire showed on he's reduce that there are several patents on Khalid viruses some of them were granted I think in November nineteenth prior to the war on the break no I don't I heard this before if you guys heard about the patents on the virus I've heard about them now it it seems usually leads into some kind of wild conspiracy theory of Venice well he said it came from some kind of doctor apparently on but I don't know what that means there are there are there are crazy doctor are indeed to admit there's Cradock as are also seen conspiracy theories so there's no telling there's no telling I I wouldn't propose to know I don't dig into this stuff it's not my job I comment on the news as the news is proof presented and it is horrifying enough I don't need to dig even I don't even need to scratch the surface of a news story in order to find a terrifying things there they lay there in plain sight indeed one of the buttons below next to a university based in England which gives grants from bill and Melinda gates foundation I can tell you more because I couldn't find this video on YouTube anymore maybe it was deleted he we've seen that happening you too taking down videos of anybody that's critical of the official government line on could nineteen and the thing is that the kind of thing that makes crazy theories plausible sure sure yeah right and this is right this is the problem is is when you try to shut people up that they begin to believe the story even more so I mean there's something to this right there's Facebook a is of type here's a headline right now Facebook takes down trump pads for violating our policy against organized takes all right so during a presidential election year ads from the president of the United States of America has been taken down by a social media base to the United States our toll free number if you wanna comment eight fifty five for reach back to the nineteen thirties master plumber Robert Butler.

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