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Sister. Helen crayon sister helen. Pray john is an anti-death-penalty activists and spiritual adviser to men and women on death row now. She's authored several books including dead man walking and the river of fire. We are in situations that a hidden from public view in which we have state officials that take live human beings out of their cells and systematically and the coldest protocol of death you can imagine and killing them. I take the prisoner. Then if there's a last meal win it is how the media can come in when they have to leave. Who can talk. Who can't what are the rules for the witnesses. They have worked out everything so there is no glitch not that they care about their suffering. That's why they even put to. Iv's in people's arms in case one gets clogged. You wanna make sure that killing can still take place. Dobie gillis williams. Who's in my second book. The death of innocence. An african american man with that iq of sixty five who is innocent. Who was killed in louisiana. They found the bay new one on. He was scared to death of needles. And i couldn't be with him and so then. They finally tried in his neck in his leg to get the second one in. Why did they even have to put the cycle in. They don't want their execution. They have a glitch in it. Since nineteen seventy seven. Nearly ninety percent of all executions have used lethal injection and for years lethal injections have been presented as in some ways more humane alternative to previous methods of execution sam's batali that legal defense fund told us otherwise. There's really a fundamental misconception that lethal injection in general is somehow humane and painless. There's powerful evidence that lethal injection many case. Risks essentially torturing someone to that but because of the paralytic of one of the drives appears to others that this is somehow an anesthetic almost medical event and it looks peaceful. One fact the person who is the unexecuted is being tortured to death. And then you very serious. Risks about maladministration of drugs. Oftentimes the people involved in executions do not have proper training the protocols in place or not proper and so we've seen a number of indisputably botched executions where it's clear that the person who was executed was tortured death during this reality of how brutal the lethal injection process truly is has been readily apparent in many of the botch executions in recent years including what the atlantic described as quote the cruel and unusual execution of clayton lockett and that was by the state of oklahoma in twenty fourteen. And i wanted to be clear. There's no doubt that lockett was guilty of a truly heinous murder of a nineteen year old girl. But i wanna point out the details of clayton. Lockett's demise are also pretty appalling. The state of oklahoma executed. Lock it with a combination of drugs that is banned even in the euthanasia of animals and it took nearly forty five minutes for lock it to die apparently in excruciating pain. Oklahoma has had a moratorium on executions sense. Lockett's death in melissa in that moratorium will likely end this week or next john. Marion grant is the first person set to be executed.

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