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All. Right. I gotta say. I'm just I love the titles of her songs. I know I told my younger brother that we were going to be doing episode on the red. Olin he was like I love her and I'm like we do and he's like, yeah, and my younger brothers grade he always surprises me and he was telling me like, do you remember what episode of the Simpsons with Lorraine Lump Lumpkin and I was like yeah, he's like, I'm pretty sure that character was based off Loretta Lynn like Oh that makes sense. Did you watch a lot links? Know who talking about absolutely. Yeah, do. Her manager. Stage? But I do. That's that's right. I. Love It. Yeah. She was very clever with her lyrics. Yeah and I think. Yeah. So it makes sense at Loretto. Lumpkin was based on Ritalin. Yeah in Little Way anyways do never had to worry about Loretta cheating on him. You know when this book was written after Twenty Five Years of Marriage Loretta had said that she hadn't ever cheated on him. She said she'd met a few men who she could have liked but none enough who could ever take the place of her family. So she stayed out of trouble she's had met all. Oh, her around all over the city that they live in. Call Her hotel ask if they can come up but she never went for it. Now at doesn't mean that Loretta hasn't been accused over the years not do. But by people she been really with other country musicians as those she'd write songs with and she'd sing songs with but Loretta never did and she said that if she did sleep with someone else, it wouldn't have been to get anywhere in the business. anyways it would have been for her own accord. Yeah That's a good reason. Asleep was somebody I think So, Loretta is first appearance at the Grand Ole opry was October Fifteenth Nineteen Sixty. Now how did she get the GIG? Well, she got it for herself. She went to the manager and she said that she pestered him and he let her on the show and so she sang Song Honky tonk girl and was invited back and I believe this is where Ernest Tubb makes his appearance in the movie is when Loretta is invited up on stage the character that sang before her was Ernest Tubb but sense him in the movie so. Yes call true to his word Mr, Burleigh let Loretta her contract. When she moved onto something a bit bigger. She made Song of songs with Decca records who already had pasta Klein and Brenda. Lee assigned artists she was both polishing her act but staying true to herself she was encouraged to pronounce the words the way that she wanted to and they never made her feel stupid for talking as she calls it like. A Hillbilly one of the guys said people will always understand me because I was always myself. That's of her band members. She could only afford to bring her brother Jay Lee because she couldn't pay the rest of the guys to move away from home and pay their salaries, and that's when I'll his family settled in Nashville in Nineteen One Loretta started getting regular performing dates and was invited back to the opry every week. She says that there were many other girl singers trying to make it big them and they were jealous that Loretta was getting so many gigs and attention. So quickly, Loretta says that if it weren't for Patsy cline, she might have given up let patsy and when Patsy was only twenty seven Patsy had known hard times about what it was like to try to make it. They became fast friends if Passi had a fight with her husband, she called the Reta if learn how to fight would do little she called Patsy. So. Again quite a very unique and interesting friendship and the red even wrote a book about their friendship now I also noticed. On my wishlist of episodes to do patsy has a whole book, right? So we could even do a whole episode on her one day. Perfect. Yeah. Yeah, we'll get into her briefly since Patchy had made appearances with Loretta and an event with a bunch of other country singers. The stamp of approval meet everyone except Loretta wants Patsy said there it was cool. Everyone was like all right I guess she school. Patsy Thought Loretta She taught Loretta about show business. She bought her clothes. She gave her rhinestones, curtains, drapes drapes for her own because Greta was still too broke to afford any of these things herself and. Payment to go on the road to keep her company. The last time. Loretta saw Pazzi Pazzi was hanging drapes at House and had brought her a huge box close. On March Sixth Nineteen, sixty, three patsy was in a plane crash with a few others and there were no survivors. The RETA said that Patsy was like a mother and a sister to her and when Loretta would have twins awhile later she named one of them after Patsy. My goodness I love this friendship. Yeah. It's a shame that it ended. So early in that. So young when her life ended do little stayed home with children a lot. It was a hard subject for Loretta because her career paid off in money and other things but she missed out on a lot of her children's upbringing. Once he joined Loretta more children were left with their uncle and grandmothers in Indiana because both of the grandmothers had been living in. Indiana at that time when they moved to Nashville, they had babysitters Loretta oldest daughter had children pretty young as well, and so Loretta was grandmother by Twenty Nine do and Loretta taught their children to work hard and since they were young still when they did get money, they tried not to spoil their children. They still made them wear hand-me-down the kids never went to imagine. Being a grandmother. Right now. No. No it's just the most wild thing that I can think of being a mother right now it's just Too Much for me I'm St One. Twenty Nine Goodness Loretta goes into detail about the personalities of each of her children but since this episode is already like seven hours long you can read the carrier. Loretta says that she could do it all over again she would still go into show business she would have been with her children more in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, Loretta went on Tour Working Forty, two shows in twenty five days. She was on television shows seen throughout the south and appeared before bigger crowds that she'd ever seen before. Rutta, jokingly calls herself a heifer her because she was so clumsy she has these stories about falling over on stage Bra straps breaking pantyhose, falling down to her ankles, and you know learning that it was important to smile as she walked onstage even if she was feeling sick or missing her kids. In Nineteen Sixty Three Loretta played the Hollywood bowl with Johnny cash. She went from playing for three hundred people to thousands. Wow. Yeah. The the fans.

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