Dan Ryan, Garfield, Mayor Emanuel discussed on WBBM Morning News


Sacramento avenue in the little village neighborhood investigators say, they found. No working smoke detectors in a statement mayor Emanuel, praise the firefighters who responded to the blaze and said the, city shares the grief, of those who lost loved ones seventy news time five oh traffic and weather together on the aids the morning to beau Duran completion issue starting out on the, south side on the outbound side of the Dan Ryan. The express lanes remain closed from forty third. To Garfield that is, because of an ongoing police investigation and because of that now red. Line service has been suspended between thirty fifth and sixty ninth as police. Are continue that. Investigation onto. The red line tracks now so, Redline, services now down in addition to the outbound express Lane's the local lanes. Are still open on the outside of the Dan Ryan if using the red line shuttle bus service has been added to accommodate you or you could use the green line instead on the Edens inbound nineteen minutes lake, cook and of the Kennedy nineteen back. Out the Kennedy inbound twenty minutes. From O'Hare to downtown Just ten in from the junction. It's a twenty, minute drive out to a hair Eisenhower on the end and the outbound sides all clear twenty nine minutes between route three ninety sixteen in and out for Mannheim Stevenson inbound now at thirty two minutes from three fifty five to lakeshore drive twenty two. From the tri-state thirty minutes out to three fifty five the Dan Ryan inbound at just fifteen minutes. From ninety fifth downtown as I mentioned the outbound express Lane's closed from forty third to Garfield, the local. Lanes are still up in no major delays travel, time wise because of that fifty seven and the Bishop Puerto, both clear lake shore, drive so far so good but you do have the new construction setup with two left lanes closed between grand park and north avenue that closure until October six, and we'll be watching that throughout the day was going. To the traffic story throughout this week the. Tri-state toy along with, the, atoms Reagan and three fifty five or all looking okay no. Major route fifty three or eighty issues in northwest Indiana eighty ninety four. I sixty five. And the. Toll road or I'll check in, just, fine get traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on..

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