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Ten. Kfi mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios into say platt. The platte valley broncos. They're contender there. Contender is probably a bit of understatement. Right yeah this is one of those teams just circle all the time you know. They're going to go deep. So it's a little different this year. And i always say the advantages to the teams early in the season of those that have their starting quarterback back. And if you've got your leader is a new guy in town. It's gonna take a little while to get that offense going and the offensive line as the other thing. I consider. We'll find out about the line when we're out at the show tonight. Remember five to six. Pm tonight Our local sponsor alliance irrigation. I think we're gonna talk to To mario gomez who is the president of alliance. I think you'll be out there tonight but Yeah we'll be out of the field for an hour. We'll talk to the players. The coaches get a kind of idea of what's going to happen but New quarterback in for the broncos. I think it's going to be devon lower. Who is a kid. That was a receiver last year leading receiver on the team eighteen catches six of those for touchdowns i mean he is an ex factor. my guess is he'll be the quarterback most of the time but if they want to split him out maybe howdy johnson. Who was a freshman actually threw me. It was two for five last year as a freshman but maybe he steps in and is can take some snaps from quarterback so going to be fun to of the top rushers are back on the squad. Two of the top. Three tacklers are back. So i think platte valley has a good place to start. And when you look at the schedule you look at their conference. You know sterling again. Probably the team to beat. I think brush is going to be improved this year. those are probably the two biggest threats to the broncos in the to a patriot league east just to be clear. Because i'm sure a few hearts skipped a beat there. When you said new quarterback for the broncos like how does it. it's a small world. Because i know it sounds like it's going to be the same old quarterback for your denver broncos but get your platte valley broncos get a new blast in here cade mcdaniel who was had just had a terrific career at platte valley moves on to the next level so We'll see Fun to talk. Troy hoffman and gathering. That's the two guys that run the coaching staff. Troy has been the disabuse twelve year as a head coach. I think he's been with the program about twenty years. We're edible yeah. We're gonna effort to get him on clark in the coach today. Myself and bruce stick Our show from eleven and noon. So we'll try to get troy troy there and then like i said five to six. Pm tonight it's all about the platte valley broncos and we'll see if they can just keep that big train running outta kersey hear the train a-coming common around the van to the shore. Hey clark i wanted to ask you. I mean needless to say this would make me the mistress of understatement. It's been a tough year and a half on a multitude of levels particularly when you look at the kids and i got to wonder about the long term effects but once again kids very resilient able to bounce back had the chance over the weekend talked with some kids. Football players themselves That were up at horse tooth. And they said yeah. We're looking forward to getting back to school..

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