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Terms of from Google and from Facebook and what he called the ephemeral experiences. In other words, those little short, uh, messages that you get on your computer that what they're doing. They build up libraries off information on people, so they know who liberals are. They knew who the conservatives are so forth. They've actually been influencing the election that way with these little messages, for example, to the liberals and only the liberals now they would send a message off, reminding them to vote. Well, yeah. So what I'm getting at is okay. Well, my point. Look, the only thing I have to say about that, are you influenced by little messages like that time? No. Okay. Well, that was my well, yes, Some people might be older, but you know the commercials on radio TV and so forth. Uh, you know, they done studies with, uh, cinema. I mean, drive ins were you know they have the subliminal this subliminal messages? Yeah, I got you, Tom. I got to get to the news, but it thank you very much for the call and have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you very much. Uh, yeah. Look, I don't disagree. That that stuff is there Do I think it has an influence? I think it's very minimal, and I think if you want to look at that kind of stuff, that's fine. But as far as I'm concerned, I think there's bigger fish to fry. And that's what I'm concerned. About three o'clock on the home of the Reds and the early morning outpost, 700 wlw. News, traffic and weather News radio 700 w L JEALOUSY. Cincinnati looks like open cases and Hamilton County starting to plateau. This is the three o'clock report. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm Rob Carpenter breaking now. Hamilton County Commission Board President Denise Treehouse says the number of new cases has played toad that are really high rate, unfortunately, but at least we have Platt Toad S O this week was better than last week, Health Commissioner Greg Testament says today. Is the first day in a month. He hasn't announced a new record. I'm happy to report we have seen a slight decline in the number of cases over the last seven days. However, hospitalizations continue to rise with another 107 since last week, but this may be the best news for the first time we actually see a vaccine in sight. There is an opportunity that next Thanksgiving Will be back to normal. I met Reese News radio 700 wlw latest covered numbers throughout the state. Some delayed covert case is still being added to this week's case. Count 10,000, plus new cases yesterday with 156 new deaths. Also another day of 5000, plus recoveries, 5000 and 38 Ohioans. Recovering in one day from Cove it raising the total to 227,306 team coverage of the pandemic continues. Let's check in with 700 Sean Gallagher Governor Andy Bashir did not hold his normal briefing Wednesday afternoon. But any release from his office said that normally Thanksgiving in his family is celebrated with about 15 people, but said with the covert 19 pandemic, they just can't do that. But she was disappointed like everyone else, but protecting his parents, Children and neighbors and all health care workers has to come first. Governor says he is grateful for all Kentucky into are sacrificing this Thanksgiving to keep each other safe. In the release, the governor reported 3408 new cases of covered 19 with 26 new deaths. I'm Sean Gallagher News radio 700 wlw ready.

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