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Thousand dollars four times a day with a thousand dollar pay off on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Mcloughlin's working on a poll question. Hopefully, you'll have one this hour got a play of the day stat of the day coming up, by the way, our friends had Callaway created some Ryder Cup specific chrome, soft golf balls. And we're giving those way on our social media today. Also said of European golf balls USA golf balls to give away fans just need to reply with which team they think will win the Ryder Cup. And then we'll pick winners on Monday after the event wraps up. And we'll send out those golf ball. So really cool thing from our friends had Callaway Sunday night AFC north rivals clash in the steel city. It's the Steelers and the ravens football night in America. Seven eastern kickoff. Eighty twenty Sunday night only on NBC. All right, mclovin. What are you have? We're waiting for Trent Dilfer who will join us coming up. Okay. Can I start totally Adelaide field? And then we'll get to some real ones. Bob euchre's on in our three who is the most iconic baseball announcer of your lifetime. And I have a list. From Bleacher report that has at sixteen and decided to say seven names ahead of a Marty Brennaman. Jack bach. Phil Rizzuto Harry. Carey Harry callous, Ernie Harwell in Scotland VIN scully's number one on this list. The list is actually Scully one Harry callous to. And then Mel Allen is up there. But is Bob Yuka right in that list of the most iconic voices a baseball. No. I don't think he's an iconic voice because the brewers weren't very good. So you didn't hear his voice? He is a celebrity and his his best play by play. Or is most known play-by-play came in the movie major league, but he was in has been a celebrity for a long long time. So I don't think you think of Bob euchre as a baseball announcer, even though he's a great baseball announcer. You think have been Scully you think baseball announcer Mel Allen baseball announcer. Who's the most iconic of that group has been Scully? It has been or is Harry Carey sneak in because the oddness of all that he's a character. I don't I'd he wasn't a great broadcaster later in his life earlier in his life. He was Jack brickhouse. I mean, there's so many great ones Marty Brennaman. So hall of Famer Phil Rizzuto was a character. Yes. Yeah. That's to say how how much of this is just based on where you grew up because as soon as you say baseball announcer. The first person that comes to mind. Me is Phil Rizzuto. But I don't know that he would ever make that list. But that's growing up as a child and learning the game. That's who. I remember always hearing he's fourteen on this list. So he did make some back. Yeah. Yeah. Paulie? I would go Jack buck from the scope of how the reach of the cardinals back in the day on chemo ex. There were cardinal fans. All over the central United States, not just in Saint Louis. You can go to Arkansas all over the place. And even as a cub fan, I was respected Jack buck will you had Saint Louis you could pick up Campbell ex wwl w with the reds with Marty. Brennan at night, you could pick up a lot of these radio broadcast. And I think that that that's where you had this expansion where you became a cardinal fan, and you could have grown up in Tennessee or Braves, you know, when they had Ted Turner when he created TBS you were able to watch your your favorite team. You didn't have to be in that city. Yes, mclovin. One thing that changed things was you with sportscenter. You would highlight Harry Kallis calls calendar. I was so proud of the Philadelphia and to hear you say that so we got to know a little bit of the different voices through sports editor I will talk to Trento Peru will join us coming up a poll question. Mclovin. Woody. How do we get to Trent? Okay. We have Rams versus the field. And we have a Marconi related one that I can save we could start there who do you take Rams or the rest of the NFC as a favorite center four weeks after four day, look who's gonna get home-field over them. So someone's gonna have to go to L A and win in the playoffs. A factor in Garoppolo being out for the rest of the season. What that means for San Francisco they were supposed to be an aide. Maybe a nine win in Seattle might not be as good as advertised and Arizona is not that good. The Rams could end up with thirteen or fourteen wins the way there. They're built certainly the offense defense. I I got questions, but you got a lot of time to figure that out Trent Dilfer former NFL quarterback ESPN analyst, and of course, Super Bowl champ with the ravens kind enough to join us Trent good morning. Thanks for joining us. How are you? I'm doing great, Dan yourself. I'm doing all right. I don't know. How impressed I should be with the Rams I know that we do overreact. But I'm curious as a former quarterback who played at a high level and you look at Jared Goff. What is the difference now with Gough as opposed to two years ago or even last year? Well, I think it's any time. You're perfect blend of talented quarterback. Rape. Play caller skill people around, you know, a lot of pieces around you. You're going to see this progression of a quarterback. And then the confidence come out. I think that's the biggest thing is total command his whole cough coughing. So what he's doing? He's very very gifted player. It really bothers me when I hear people say Justice system guy, like they they met him is talent. He's a pure pure passer has been since he was seventeen years old. I got to coach bellied eleven tremendous field for the passing game play of armed talent you can threaten all areas of the field. He can throw throw guys open Lehrer versus. I mean, it's really not being he can't do with football. I think get cow leader. Now, the total command of the position because of protection schemes and now McVeigh and the protection plans they have in place and all the tools, they give him at the line of screen. Image. He can play the game on his terms. He can get to the place. He wants to get to e can get himself protected. They have a great running game, obviously. And I think what you're seeing is is the fullness of a guy when you put the right pieces around them. I I've been really impressed like everybody else has this year. But I was impressed last year for a second year guy that had a rough rookie year to build grow in the position and win a bunch of games and be highly productive. That's what you're looking for your quarterback. What would be your big concern with the Rams? Defense. Probably I mean, they're loaded personnel wise, but they play this. This has always been waiting deal that he plays a style of defense that when a team can attack the inside of the football field when they can get. They can get skilled players mashed up on linebackers. We're making get big plays against them that that defensive scheme has a tendency to get gashed, but I don't you know, they're gonna be playing from the lead. So with the lead so much and like you just mentioned before I came on their division is so poor. I don't have a whole lot of concerns for them in the regular season. It'll come down to playoff football. And if they're Oprah playoff while healthy, they are at the end of the year. And whether they can, you know, I think one thing you see at the Rams is. Yes, they will run the ball. Girly gets a lot of touches. They definitely wanna throw it down the field. Like what they want to do more than anything else is great chunk plays in the passing game. I think when you do get into playoff football. If you have to go on the road and play some more, bad weather. You gotta be stubborn with your running back. And are they willing to be stubborn was getting girly the ball in situations where they normally wanna throw how concerned would you be? If you're a Vikings fan today. I'd be concerned. But I'm definitely not an early season panic diety more the one thing I learned the last four or five years is of timber is still the preseason. You can you can lose it in September. But you can't win it. I don't think they've lost it yet. They're behind the eight ball little bit it would last night's loss. But teams are still learning in September. Now with the limited offseason practice with as little as starters playing the pre season we see this every year. And I've made the mistake of knee jerk reaction in September. You really can't teams are just starting to figure out who they are. I think are Tober is more telling than September. But I would not panic is a Viking fan. They're well coached. There are lots of good players. They've been there done that. I think they'll correct the things have gotten in trouble this point. I think they'll be a contender by the end. Now, I know that you've learned your lesson. You said over the last couple years, which leads me to the patriots the patriots after a one and to start if the patriots. Lose to the dolphins. Dot dot dot finished. Very concerned. But I would write them off. They don't look the same. But they are getting Attleboro back. They will grow offensively. I can see them trying to run the ball or bit. Moral bothered me. The other night was not able to convert on third and short. You know, there are one of the better third short teams league in the past. I think they'll fix those things with coach scar Nekia their offense Hawaiian coach. Again. They're the team you can never write off because they're all about development. They're all about how they are. Weak nine more than what they are a week two three four. So either history alone would be would make me say, I would still give them a very long leash. Even a fair to lose the dolphins. Talking to Trent Dilfer former NFL quarterback also contributes to the NFL networks Thursday night pregame show with the Soling science segments. If I said, you can have a quarterback for the next five years we have a draft coming up next hour, and you could you could you could pick any quarterback and you get him at his. Age, but you're getting for the next five years you have the number one overall pick and you would take ours. Oh, well hardest questions right now. I just doing this with Ryan russillo. The other day, I probably go with Wentz. And that's hard. I mean, there's there's seven eight good options. But I'd probably go with Wentz. Would you take Aaron Rodgers at age thirty four if you had him for the next five years? Probably not. And that was the one that probably not. 'cause age. I mean, he's obviously one of the greatest of all time. He does things that you know, literally, make your drought jaw drop every time you watch him play. But I again, this is one of the hardest questions at all football right now. And there's really no wrong answer with between seven eight nine guys. But I would probably go Carson Wentz. Explain what you're doing with the NFL NFL players association, the exclusive trading card partner.

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