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There of yours Gerald Gerald Gerald was the Belle of the ball. And the gang. Okay got it. That's trying to record I. We try right. How safe zone s happened in your building? It's what were they watching. We have no idea but me Robert like wait wait. Is this our neighbor sites then rob into the kitchen to put a glass up to the to the wall. It was. Her neighbors wasn't her neighbors. Must have been somebody in the floor below new idea for a segment. It's called Darrell. Darrell Darrell who got the idea that there is a pre gang bang viewing and this guy's acting like fucking Bella check like trying to figure out what their game plan exactly. Look it up right before I liked the patriot. well-planned Origins Carol but we were trying to get this shit together can you get out and they must they realized they were on our Bluetooth. Because you heard a little scuffle and then it went on for like all right when getting. Aw Man who you can tell they were all Brohi EXC. Except for Darrell. Darrell was definitely the great night while McCain day saying I'll never consider it might have been. Ah Darn it. I think you're right speaking of top bottom versus eric the direction semi article about gay men or I guess it could apply no gay men who don't engage. Nfl Sex are called sides. Yeah have you decide forever. That's what you've got the worst thing you could call somebody a size. Somebody told me that on Grindr I google it because they didn't know what it was autumn. It's like top or bottom but I don't do anal I'm aside You're not good enough to be the entrees. Your side myself aside all the time. 'CAUSE I used to not like that. Why can't you just say oral lonelier some yeah why I aside you get to call yourself something cute like a top or a bottom? Why can't I be wanted? You're still you're not good enough to be the main dish. That's not what it is I. It sounds like commission play on the phrase play on the vernacular. We already have. You'll have top bottom aside hold on a side peas in a house. That's fine now. I never thought about that way. I just thought of it as a cute way to be like. Hi You're not putting get in my Bot. I'm aside like that's just like you. I never thought about say. Okay Hi not putting your no not anymore about my weird like sex intimacy on the pocket. Okay here's the thing I love. I love sex. I love to have really great sex REX. I love everything about it. However I have commitment issues and I don't like hookups like I don't like the hookup culture that like mostly game not necessary but it's huge in the game in world and so to me? It's a lot of effort to have sacs. Somebody got to be. You know you gotta be Ready Trust with that and there's like it's not for everybody it's just for me. Yeah so and it's like you never know if it's actually going to be good sex or not. I'm not going to waste that time and energy. Would you possibly have good sag. Would you ever get into trouble though now. Why now now I need all attention on me? I'm not sharing with any Mexican. Eric how is it through your because we have about this I know she has proposed balls that she is involved with right now. Any also is a fast pass to the clinic. Yes it's a lot of day takes texting. How'd you four ball? No five people now. Janea drugs do remedial now. He's the third into couples..

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