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B though it makes great commentary on this thing and not puts a lot of pressure on it and it and jeffrey them we we were like the main character this me he's like so scared of contracting hiv that he become celibate y'all and as soon as they become celibate he meets the man of his dreams who happens to be hiv positive chishan van but at the same province jerry i gotta say the redeeming quality of jeffrey is the fact that patrick stewart plays gay and he's a member of the pink panther's which is a group of gays who wear short pink shorts and and try to end gaybashing in literally obama alert lists now thing is that i think that's what the there's this group called the pink pausing whereas folk that does the exact same thing in their league based off of that but just to go back to bit billy elliot for a second because it is an amazing movie and it's so funny because i remember when that movie came out everyone in my life was like you need see this moving in this movie specially but figure skating all these things that you deal with and i understand that linked but for me actually i think what i needed at the time probably which made me kind of salty was that lake i understood what billy billy elliot was doing and i like in theory i'm all about it or i should be all about it but i always want can of guilty about the fact that inaction while you my attitude was whatever he still a fucking straight man like he's a straight white nine and early i it that's that's what it maybe he ends up being gay like i guess we don't know but that just always that was always a disconnect for me because i was like no matter at the presentation no matter of a context even though all of these things do matter absolutely.

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