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Line with CDC recommendations Vice president Harris received her first COVID-19 booster shot in October Gas prices are edging downward for the third day in a row The triple-A station survey finds the national average price for regular is down another penny to $4 and 21 cents a gallon The mega millions jackpot is getting bigger lottery officials say there were no tickets sold with all 6 numbers in last night's drawing That means Tuesday's jackpot will be worth $81 million Friday's numbers were 26 42 47 48 63 and the mega number was 21 As for tonight's Powerball drawing that's where $222 million I'm Julie Ryan A former Chrysler CEO says it's a misnomer to blame Russia for soaring gas prices More from Brian shook Robert nardi said the nation has been facing the issue for some time before Russia invaded Ukraine He added that he's glad President Biden is releasing oil from the nation's reserves but he's concerned how the country will replenish that supply Nardi said releasing the reserves means the country will not have a surplus of oil and energy if there is a national disaster Northern California health experts are shedding light on the neurological condition that caused action legend Bruce Willis to leave his acting career Nika maga has the story Sutter health neurologist doctor Minaj middle discusses how aphasia affects a person's cognitive abilities Aphasia is a neurological condition to people may have difficulty either understanding words or producing words or expressing themselves Aphasia can be caused by stroke a brain infection certain autoimmune diseases or a traumatic brain injury The city of Los Angeles is unveiling a new plan to address homelessness On Friday the California city agreed to spend up to $3 billion over the next 5 years to provide beds to those without homes The agreement aims to provide living arrangements to.

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