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Online when you started provisioned path ten five years ago six years ago what was the environment like like online were there a lot of visible designers designers personalities that you would go and say oh yeah i know that name i know honey i know 'cause he tillman or or is that a new thing the star designer the visible designer no i think the visible designer has always been there because the problem that design media has is that they tend to regurgitate the same seven or eight dozen people out on conferences and podcasts and things like that so there there's always been that level of visible designer i think the problem is that visible designer has always looked one way it's always been you know one certain type of person and so the the look of what a designer could be your who had designer could be is i think it's drastically changed as i've started revision path i don't wanna be boastful and say that i've really helped to change it a lot i just said to own that though didn't we just talk about that so i mean i i hope that you know with all the people that i've been able to interview and get out there that i've helped to change those perceptions and certainly people that i have interviewed for the show of now gone on and they're doing no really big and great amazing things so is changing that definition of what a designer looks like in what a designer can do and who had designers should be that has definitely changed up a lot since i started revision beth i'm curious if you think what do you think that the white folks or non black folks who are listening and they hear that there is a show that's all about black designers in it you know talks to black designers in front end developers would we what do we tell them about the importance or why why is show is needed like what would what does race matter for web design well i think it matters because there's not just one particular race of person that's using the web so there certainly is not you know more than one particular ways that's it's building the web i mean the web is out there for everybody and you don't wanna have just or you don't wanna at least showcase just a certain type of designer designing things for a big diverse global audience you wanna show a diverse global group of designers that's doing the same thing i think people will look at revision bath and they'll see our archives page and they see this wall of black faces they might think that as a monolith but there's a lot of diversity within that monolith there's young old gay straight trends in the us not in the us there across all different parts of the design industry summer developers summer public speaker some are educators like there's a a huge swath of diversity of what could be viewed as this sort of monolithic said and i can tell you know for say maybe ninety percent of the people who have had on the show it was their very first interview and it was their very first time anyone had ever.

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