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19. Telafar. I know you're on the phone. But will you be able to play one of the music madness quiz clues for us. We'll do this in the next half hour. I think we're going to do what did we say? Number? Whatever it was, we said three eye to tell me if you can name that tune. 123 Clue goes about 1/2 a second long I got it. No way. We could have almost done one or two of the bomb bomb bomb, But the thing is, Did you change the rules where you have to know the artist now? Because I'm really bad at the artist. Yeah, I always been doing that. Yeah, I don't know. I don't care if the rules have now been changed Just if you just kind of go. In fact, if you just go ahead, recognize that you win. I love play the clue. One more time. In case you missed. It played the clue one more time. So if you can name that tune, you could win a hoody from our friends at Mega in the next half hour in the next half hour. Pat. You're on W GM jumping here, Pat. How can we help you taking John? How are you? I don't even know what's up. Yeah, Meet me there by shop, but I was on the force. Preserve it Walk, Go before 25. 25 46 icicle writers and women younger people, and I thought it was like a club or whatever it is that they had stopped in a grove area. And I asked one of the young lady, What are you doing? And she should will learning how to protect ourselves and we're going to be cut up, possibly like Monte Calvario, how to be able to protect ourselves. If we want right down into the city so that nobody can bother us and I just operation What do you want to like that before? I should have got to be careful about that. And then she just walked away. She didn't say anything, so I don't know. It could have been completely in it. It could have been Next. Get out. This sex thing is we'll have armored knight riding horses. I have no idea Well, when you watch some of the video and the CPD post this online pat They They're orchestrated the way they walk. The way they carry a banner may be the way they used the fact that two weekends ago and post George Floyd, there were instances where the video showed that they were coordinated and using their bicycles is a sort of Moving rail for themselves. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah, I have one other comment. That's not related to this. But going back to the post office. Think about this. Put it in perspective. Okay? I've been in business for 45 years. Right. And when you put the United States with its diverse and remote locations and then combine it with the international postal system, I don't know One corporation on the planet that is that fish. I really don't. I mean, it's amazing how it may take longer to get to Europe or whatever it is. And in the United States, they think that you know, in some of the remote areas, maybe 56 days, seven days. And I'll tell you what that is one heck of a system that works like a war oiled machine. And you got a couple of problems here and there, But I tell you what if you gave her my card if you came to my company brought in an efficiency expert They would fire me. I'm glad you called buddy. Thanks for listening. Sure they will. You think Donald Trump is a hot topic? You think Joe Biden and Camilla Harris or hot Topic? Bring up the Postal Service. It is hot and cold. It is hot and cold. Here's your pronouncer Guide for Camilla Harris. It's pronounced like the word comma. All of the syllables had an equal accent. Kamala. It's not Kamala. It's not Camilla. It's Kamala Harris. She isn't speaking tonight. Bernie Sanders is Michelle Obama is Amy Klobuchar is here's the Here's the lineup. It sounds really boring because there won't be crowds. It's just going to some of these air already been recorded. You'll just be able to online watch video or Watch People live Stream and Rick Uomo John Kasich, which is interesting. The former Republican governor from Ohio, a moderate for sure. Amy Klobuchar for Minnesota. Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders. And governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Speaking tonight, I believe Christine Todd Whitman is speaking to a former Republican governor of New Jersey and Meg. I've forgotten her name. Now. She was the CEO of Maybe Hewlett Packard and ran for governor in California. So they've got three Republican speaking tonight. Is she speaking to? I think so. Yeah, right. And Mayor Lightfoot sitting in with Shadow Biden on a talk generation social justice. Oh, no kidding. I guess streaming that talk or they're going to be in the same room. No, I don't think so. We reached out to our Mayor Tasker to come on our show. She made time for Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough last week on Morning Joe on Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, and she was able to go on meet the press on CBS yesterday. And talk to fewer people in Chicago. Then it should come on this radio station, and then they just throw out some snowball questions. They say mayor like I mean, you know, however, I say Snowball, because maybe they're not easy questions. They're pointed There she is, She might not want to have to be addressing. But there's not sufficient follow up. There's not the really local dive that any of us here would give the mayor if she would come on our station. For some reason, she's always available to the national media..

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