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It is a party here in LA three three 7 13 to go in the third period Hawks and kings in a wild crypto dot com arena We got people taking their shirts off on the video second zombie second and shirt off with a video board God keep your chair not cheese Well 7 O 7 ago three three in our party tonight Here in LA We'll see if the hawks can get another game winner tonight in so gal Buck back in the king zone Oli mata has it for LA stepping up the left wing at center ice puts it down the near side boards Into the hawk zone Calvin de Haan on it swings it around Delia's neck to the far corner Arvidson pounces on it He lost to the brink To bring it marching out to center ice to Seth Jones over the king's logo The Dylan strome at the right point king zone to gain over to The Rain get left circle took a spill and never got a shot off Meanwhile the king's exit their own zone Holy moly shoots it down to left side boards around Delia's net Kings get a line change in Meanwhile Patrick Kane lofts it down into the king's own and that big unit for the hawk steps off the ice as well Andre kopitar and plays it across the ring here for Mara little dish it off to his fellow rookie defenseman Jersey up to kopitar They entered a hawk zone Wrist shot from the right point came off the stick of tenth in a right pad save made by Delia Back on the hawks through center Over the kings line goes Kershaw down the left wing inside a little wrap around bid and a lot of pad save made by quick What a rush there for Kayla Jones He has made some outstanding plays defensively Jason and a great rush there too We got the pass from third chev He beat the king defenseman wide and tried to beat Jonathan quick to the far post quick was a little bit too fast to get to that post but a great rush from 82 in red Buck back at the hawks line Seth Jones has it Able to hit Jonathan taves over the king's logo He's knocked off the puck And now villardi reenters the hawk zone in the left circle tried to find a tip off kupari stick didn't have it Buck below the goal line Seth Jones there for the hawks Over to radish We had another point earlier in this game This continues to roll in a hawks uniform He lost it though Byfield has it back in the left circle of the hawk zone Strong in the puck carrying it in back of Delia leaves it to Kappa risha and sizzled the line left but gift off the end boards Back up to the right point Long shot from Spence goes wide left Kings have it in the offensive zone while already a wrap round with the bag hand That stick to side Buck available could shoot over skated at radish able to clear ultimately nearly a dangerous giveaway there for the hawks Now the kings are trying to text the hawks and the change Art of its and takes it past at the hawks line stakes down the left half towards the corner Butchered across to the right circle of the race shot blocked in front Caleb Jones got a piece of that and it stung him Big block there for Caleb Jones Four 28 to go in the third period It's a three three game Bucking fun of Delia and he settles it down and then more rough stuff in front of the net Caleb Jones exchanging words with Dano We'll step aside You do not want to turn that dial Three three the score with four 23 to go into third period here in LA You're listening to Blackhawk documents I'm 7 20 WGN For 52 years ditch witch Midwest has been the leader for all your underground equipment needs construction professionals.

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