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Am. I I loved skiing. Obviously, we're all disappointed that our season was cut short. So we got some time to make up. You know, I love them all. You know, that's uh, you know a safe answer, but it's really great in Colorado. It is a safe answer. By the way, you're all right. Yes, That's right. You know, really afford the chance to do a great road trip. So if you're coming from, you know any of our surrounding states or from Colorado. You can come in through. I 70 checkout, Keystone and Breckenridge gone to Vail and Beaver Creek. That's all really easy to do for Seo a week long trip and then heading down to Crest reviewed some of the most beautiful terrain and mountains that I've ever seen. And I know we like to call this the destination of the end of the road because it's hard to get to But once you're there Downtown. The skiing extreme terrain is just remarkable. Well, I think that and I also know that this since you've taken over Park City, there's been a tremendous investment there as well. I realise that's a Utah, Colorado. But all of these resorts where we did mention snowboarders, but for any of you snowboarders listening and we're not leaving you out skiing and snowboarding. It's correct that here we are on September 12th, and we're talking skiing, which is a good thing for us right now. So that's all good. But Ryan Thank you very much for the check. And we really appreciate that. I'm sure a few of our listeners were wondering why are you talking skiing today? But with the snow that, as we just talked about that fell in Colorado this week before you know it, it's gonna be time to have a slow plants and making those 2020 plans right now is essential. So stay safe. I look forward to reconnecting with you again soon and enjoy the weekend, okay? Thank you Just remind everybody go on epic past dot com By September 17th luck in their best rate sounds great. Right. Thank you..

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