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Everybody welcome to what the take i major and of course i'm joined by the one the only mr paul threat your back back when he was added than ever last week he did not do show with me i ended up doing with john prosser oh yeah i'm other all the other melodic you know what i said how you doing goes preeti good catchphrase at this point he's stood a younger more agile version with y'all look sure it was fun you know it's actually interesting to do the show with them because it gives us such a different perspective where a slightly less than sane perspective yeah pretty much right less angry but i think he's starting to get the angel and paul rub now where he he's upset a lot of people with his stance on certain things that apple does and i find that amazing because he has been a apple user for many many years so now allowed got allowed to criticize can't do that not not you know this keyboards don't work and people bring him to the get them fix for free five stars five star we do have a lot to talk about obviously there are a lot of rumors regarding the inexpensive surface tablet that microsoft will be releasing on iphone rumors and drama news that we did not even discuss you and i jump shocked because that's my favorite topic to talk about and that's in drama is just happened this just app what the drama stuff last week now not the new stuff there's no new stuff to this week okay to this week okay so we'll go over all of it paul was you were here last week yeah yeah like a week ago monday so almost two weeks ago it seems like it was you know a month ago it really does marriage oh had a question for you why did you remove them photo of her giving me the finger from your instagram i didn't it was gone i did not see it there no spreading rumors no you know what no here's why it's not it's not a top level photo it's a photo group to the photograph of that that's why you don't see it so if you go to my photos day everybody should do about it is pretty funny yeah it's the one with the which one is it yeah i don't see it see i think it's the tots yeah yeah it's it's the it looks like a pitcher of tots that's in that group it's from our visit to rental in home are there it is that was at the apparently everybody's giving everybody the finger merger gives me the best smiling f you photo i've ever seen in my life and i think most eric thing ever i've never seen her so happy i've never seen her so happy we do have a lot to get to obviously but before we do i wanna take a moment and talk about our sponsor nets casper now paul you ought a casper mattress correct did how excited one third casper mattress well i mean i'm excited just to replace the hunk of crap we were sleeping on previously so that was getting casper is known quantity what's that what were you on prior to that well i don't i don't even know that this is the traditional mattress yeah yeah they actually i hope he used are promo you do not well i think unfortunately the reason is no i still use the code but i felt like it was an ethical issues like using amazon coda by something you know it's probably i get it i get it but they have a great deal right now till july ninth guys.

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