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Greg Jensen Shawn Merriman on here with us. Now time for a big story. Let's move to the big easy. We're saints fans have been up in arms ever since the controversial. No, call NFC championship game helped in New Orleans Super Bowl hopes since the call fans have put out a petition to have a game replay. And then congressman even threatened to force Roger Goodell to testify on Capitol Hill. Drew Brees has finally weighed in posting on Instagram writing. Quote, I spent this last week navigating the heartache and the disappointment from the game things within our control and some outside our control that caused us to fall short. This will make us stronger. This will bond us to get tighter. This will be a source for our success in the future. There's no place like New Orleans. There's no community like ours. No fans like the who DAT nation, I refuse to let this hold us down refusal at this create any. Negatively or resentment. I embraced the challenge. Congratulations to drew Brees the class act that I knew that he was I hope this ends the controversy, and we can now move on the Super Bowl week about one hundred percent certain open. I hope that it will end the conference. I hope drew Brees. Speaking out will calm the waters. I don't because nothing materialized from their outcry from them been slided in the NFC championship game. You gotta have something materializes from that. So I wouldn't put my guns down. I just learned how to aim better, and who to shoot, and you know, what that is. That is gonna come shots fired from the executive committee, which Sean Payton's apart of. Competition. Bought a combines. That's when you start to see this actually, turn into something of substance right now is just a lot of emotion and respect to them in their emotion. New Orleans was galvanize obviously by Hurricane Katrina. And they used a lot of that dead emotion to to ride to a Super Bowl championship. This is obviously in a different lane. But make sure to use all that energy to some of to something greater, and I think that greater is gonna come from rule changes, and is good of ju- breeze to be that leader to make sure his fan base understand that he feels their pain and to make sure everyone knows how much he cares as well. But this can't stop to something changes within the NFL. We can appreciate what he say. I mean when drew Brees says something people, listen, right? Even when he's talked when he's talking about the NFL PA. We step sandy says things because he can say things other people can't. But he can't make this thing. Go away. This thing will never go away. He can make him feel better. But never go away in ten years. You'll job as going to be sitting around. He'll be somewhere New Orleans. Eat them with his family be out. And somebody's gonna walk up to him and say, you know, what we should've had another Super Bowl, the people in wall will never ever let go and I'm saying that because I've had a situation when I was with the charges in two thousand six I can't stop hearing about all, you know, Marla mccreesh it and he should've went down. He should've took me. Right people..

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