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How do you stop Tampa from dumping all over the match? The Way Madison Square Garden dumped all over. The Braga is ner Goldberg match at Wrestlemania. Twenty first of all to different animals. The Brock Listener Goldberg match was Crapped upon because we in New York found out a day or two before Wrestlemainia we knew Goldberg was leaving so we took that to mean the brock listener would probably win. And that's fine. We found out a day or two before wrestlemainia. The Brock was also leaving after Wrestlemainia. So now we've got this match. That's been built up as a super match and we find out that boat. These guys are leaving now. The culture was different. This was sixteen years ago now when somebody leaves the wwe it's almost like the fans. Give him a pat on the back with Dean Ambrose whoever's leaving. Wwe fans go out good for them good for them? They'll find greener pastures somewhere else back then. If you're leaving any organization it was boo. You sold out you sold out. It was frowned upon when people were leaving companies. That was the culture. So that's what it was. People were like well. Why should I care about this match? Both these guys are leaving. Both these guys have beaten many of our favorites and now they're just abandoning us. I hate them BOO BOO so different scenario. However that's not to say that reaction won't happen in Tampa. Here's I think how you stop that reaction from happening. You have to get real. I think that this story has to get real the way John Cena and the rock got Rio the way you look at John Cena and the Rock and you felt real tension. The Way John Cena mentioned that the rock had his promo written on his wrist. The way those facial expressions were like those two. Aren't acting those to hate each other. They're getting under each other's skin. I think Roman reigns has to be the real voice of WWe fans. I think Roman reigns needs to go on TV and goes in Gold Goldberg. Nobody wants you here Goldberg. You're just here to cash a check. Okay I've been here night in night out. I the battle through literal cancer so I could get back here to perform every single night for these fans. I defy through the fact that they're all booing me bringing it up. Roman bring up the fact that these fans have done nothing nice to him but he's there for the love of the game he's not there to once a year come in collect a paycheck and beat some young guy who deserves it more than. Goldberg does and he should tell Goldberg. I was fighting somebody besides you for that title. You don't deserve that title. I'm going to take it from you. Wrestlemainia and let Goldberg V. The villain like Goldberg. Come in and say here's the thing I wouldn't come back if you guys didn't need me. I wouldn't be here if you guys could actually draw you know. Get Real Have Goldberg. Bring up the fact that the young guys can't draw any money have Roman reigns bring up the fact that Goldberg is leaching off of everything that they're doing and burying people along the way. Tell the story that's being told anyway. Embrace the People Booing Goldberg but put it all on the table. Because if you've got Goldberg insulting the entire current generation and you've got Roman reigns going. Nobody wants you here. We don't need you. You're just here for yourself. You're not here to save us. You're here because you WANNA pay check and you're clinging on to the glories of yesteryear if you've Roman reigns say that you got people engaged in this match. People aren't doing that match out of the building. People are here for that match. I think that is the only way to handle this thing personally. And I'm there for that. I'm there if that's the scenario. Look my buddy Jamie kills. Tina's Jamie Kill Stein is a comic Out there on the West Coast He's been doing comedy for a long time. He's also a big time podcast her. He's dipped his toes into the political world. Quite a bit said some dumb things said some smart things but most importantly for our purposes. He's a giant wrestling fan. And I wanted Jamie to come in and I wanted to talk to him about everything that went down at super showdown. We'll get back to breaking everything down in just a second but you guys hear me talking about the second show that we do Thursday..

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