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Leeson prequel defender right but he has been staunchly anti kathleen kennedy star wars ochre and he always sites her as being the person who owns this star wars this incarnation of star wars as always referring to the agenda that she's trying to push with her movies of the seventh bab yep um and you know i mean i'm not racist i just think you know if you're gonna put people of different races moods you should make a big deal out of it should just be normal i hate this nariaki where we're gonna move past israeli unless you have meal yes no he's been really against fucking hated force awakens hated rogue one has been shit talking at last chetta would all the good last jet ira our views came out he found the one that was bad and was like well some people don't like it sure i was ready for this guy take down and he really liked yeah he liked shameless and he's pretty much like a right of center or is doomed same type guy so it is interesting to me that i don't think it's just a political ideology thing i think it is he's challenging our relationships with star wars i agree which i think is definitely the most challenging powerful element of this him to answer yet that's that's the thing i unquestionably like about this movie the only thing i like about this movie is like sort of right but beginning part where there's the lucasfilm were groom fruit of the credits those are my favorite parts of the movie i'm not gonna wait on things i think don't work because they're still stu in in my brain there are some things where i'm i'm i'm baton around my thoughts on execution but i think can execute you i know you will once we get to the marchioness bottling but i do think i like everything this movie as saying i like everything this movie is doing alright were doing the recruitment career crawl okay.

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