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Put her in another movie you know what i mean it's like when i go see those scoobydoo movies it's like scoobydoo is a major star he his name is the title of the movie you can't put them in some other movie like a star wars film or something he's box box office poisoner honestly he's turn a he's really turned the whole thing into its he's doing so much behind the scenes on those movies that he doesn't really leave himself much time to other people stuff he's a controlfreak is a dealer realized that kubis a control from okay well we've already discussed oh hello celebrity with our done with that let's put that in the rear view john mullany sure so likeable he's he's what really sells it to me is the ds is his why i watch to see a guy like john lenny and i want to promote john stand up whether comeback kid new in town mmhmm um some of his great talk show appearances sure um he talks about recently talked about donald trump in a being a horse in a hospital in that stephen colbert i'd love to read about weekly give a plug everyone wants that defco to seve ocober and that's on youtube it was almost like a streaming service it's a lot like watching oh hello without having to deal with you yes your straight to the source of ride to mullany yes so it's a anyway it's a great show i highly recommend watching it over and over we're back to this are accurate no ultimate stephen colbert okay yeah what's it over its on five days a week said is the watched the same episode message just learn every moment memorize evil and then lip sinking to your family at him that how i get that's how i got an accommodate sure family would sit around the living room you would lift seeing elliot cold air episodes would live i back in the day i don't want to date myself but i would i would.

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