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Yeah it's it's a course that you can do online anyone can do it it's free so that begun arkansas seeing on abassi i think it it's a twomonth course um but it's all about sustainability in fashion sorry i'm in carrying has been really interesting i mean carrying as a company during exceptionally well at the moment announce more record record profits on the back of brands such as gucci and they have these brands in this stable that are in a good she's ge racing outset going for free um stella mccartney who this sort of breaking off she break from carrying but she's famous the sustainability pioneer and i just think it's really interesting he met there the launching a school basically they want to make sure that everyone is is kind of wellversed on what sustainability means i think it's one of those things in the fashion mode an even generally where it's this kind of buzz word but in terms of when you break down would actually means in fashion what it means the terms of sourcing of the supply it such was so i think the fact that that kind of backing this is an interesting move his a challenge for jamie aiden twenty seconds what do we need to know if we're looking ahead fashion week season looking at the milan uh a couple of brands content yet maybe ferreting so i mean gucci is the the the sharia that everyone is talking about it's happening tomorrow night that koets schori as i said i've announced recordbreaking prophets really changing the industry at the moment and i think all eyes will be on them that was ten seconds he's pretty good chamie waters thanks for joining us here on the briefing will him all for jamie as the fashion weeks continue that's all for this edition of the program which was produced by reese james and research by guy let's and stephanie secure australia manager was definitely sarah miles my name is still might was di tutti and at the same time tomorrow for more from us but for me to moderates for now goodbye.

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