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He got twenty eight degrees at one o'clock at afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney. A seventy one year old man is dead after fire broke out today in an apartment on the Upper West side, the fire on the third floor of a building at eighty seventh and Amsterdam to other people hurt in the blaze the cause of which remains under investigation. Not guilty plea today entered for Kevin Spacey in his Nantucket sexual assault case, he was in court today to hear the charges read against him complaints charges that in the town of Dan it on July, eighth two thousand sixteen did commit indecent assault and battery person fourteen or over and more on Spacey's court appearance from ABC's. Aaron Katersky January is ordinarily a Sleepytime here on untuckit islands. So when Kevin Spacey came into the small packed courtroom every spectator. I followed his short walk to the front of the room Spacey. Wore a paisley shirt blue. Oh, tie and grey suit. He said nothing during his brief appearance to answer for an indecent assault charge. The judge ordered him to stay away from the alleged victim and his family. His case is back in court in March, but Spacey will not have to be here. Spacey's accused of groping a restaurant busboy no end in sight during this third week of the partial government shutdown. President Trump continues to insist on several billion dollars to help construct a massive wall in the southern border. Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency over border security, but Democrats are unmoved one quarter of the federal government ran out of money on December twenty second including the department of homeland security and Justice and as their shutdown rules on the president is headed south President Trump will travel to the US southern border on Thursday as the standoff in Washington continues over funding for the border wall. He wants to build their press secretary. Sarah Sanders says an tweet that the president will meet with people on the frontlines of the quote, national security and humanitarian crisis the president Sunday signal. He may declare national emerge. Agency on the border. But said it would be dependent on what happens in the shutdown talks over the next few days and acknowledgement that perhaps there's a political calculation to his decision. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. New York City firefighters today are mourning the death of one of their own firefighters saluted their fallen brother before sunrise. Dozens gathered at ladder company, one seventy in Canarsie, Brooklyn. They were there hours after firefighters. Stephen Pollard died from a fall he made the wrong step.

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