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Under as boom as that base drops in which means, you know, it's time to begin in wherever you are whenever you are an however you happen to be listening. We're so glad you've chosen that union said D L C downloadable commentary for the week delivered the way we love it to be. And that is completely free things to our sponsors this week, Robin Hood and hellofresh. They're bringing the show to you. See, of course, the show all about games in their many forms games played on desktops, laptops, and consoles. Also games that involve dice luck and cardboard I'm your host Jeff Kenna spelled with two N's in one t-, and I'm joined as always by my friend slash co host slash nemesis. The guy who is always a showcase for the immortals, Mr. Christian Spicer. Hello christian. Hello. I was gonna at thought maybe you would still do final four something. So I was a little caught off guard. I was going to be like, you know, I would have liked. At all. But you know, wrestlemainia day resume Neha for me greater than sign. Final four. That's just messes me like wrestlemanias today as a recording tomorrow in this is out today as will recording Sunday. Yeah. We record on Sunday people probably listening to it on Monday. But yet wrestlemainia thirty five she'll be mortals assured finally older than I am. That is also not true. It's funny that it would not be older than you are. And then as years go by would get a new it's older than you. I start lying about my age wrestlemainia keeps getting older that says a lot. Hey, we got a lot of video game stuff to talk about this week. We have so many games to discuss there's big news. I mean, it has been just big Newsweek after big Newsweek, and this week is no exception. But the greatest news is that we have one of my favorite guests to do it with you know, the DLC always stands for your downloadable, NADA and your downloadable Christian. But this week I'm so excited because D L C stands for deciding between lots of content because in order to do that you need to know. What's good? And from what's good games, our friend? Andrea Rene is back with us injury. How are you doing AL? Let's good guys. Oh, you are just doing that intro was such gusto before it's like, you have an extra spike of energy today. Maybe I'm just I'm trying to salvage any energy. I can have for my my children. Are it's been an intense weekend. But I appreciate you saying that, hey, you're just back from world wind tour of the of the country. You went to to GV see you went to the Pax east. You've been playing games, you can do in panels. And we're so glad you rebel carve out time for us. But man what a coupla weeks, right? Yeah. It's been hectic, I'm glad to have a tiny little low hair before head back to LA for games beat some of that. Of course, you know, a ramping up towards e three two months away, which is wild to think about. Ansel our press conference this year. I don't know if you heard, but we're not we're not doing a big one this year. Brunette? Yeah. We're gonna be doing a series of Nintendo direct style events throughout the year, though, podcast like weekly. We were thinking with news trying something new. Oh, yeah. You know, I hear that weekly podcast thing is on the up and up tryin, hopefully catch on one of these days into it man, you say three and it just shiver runs down my spine because I it is going to be here so quickly, and I'm not I don't even have the bumper queued up. I couldn't even do the three bumper let alone the ready to go to meetings and see stuff. Before we even let's because we're on that topic. I know we have lots to talk about. But I'm just curious..

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