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Ain't now six seventeen now at six seventy kboi headlines with jay how thanks david deal like having fun in the mexicans son well if so you might want to heed a state department warning about traveling there jim jim rupe tells us more in this data kitano ruehe where can kuhn is located one hundred sixty nine people have been killed in the first six months of this year twice as many as the same period last year and baja california sur which includes cobblestone lucas there have been four times as many killings over last year some say the warnings of bit over the top just stay in the tourist areas if you're looking for trouble troubled are going to find you sometimes however trouble find you when you're not looking for visit a shootout in broad daylight between two drug cartels the state department says it is and people are being injured and killed in the crossfire of such shootings jim roope los angeles the us and south korea are making a show of force following the latest ballistic missile launch by pyonyang here's correspondent scott carr and official from seoul's defense ministry says to american be he won be supersonic bombers and two f thirty five fighters participated in training with south korean f fifteen fighter jets such flyovers are not uncommon during periods of heightened tension on the peninsula which remains technically in a state of war since the nineteenth fifty to fifty three korean war ended with an armistice not a peace treaty tuesday north korea flu a potentially nuclear capable intermediate range ballistic missile over northern japan and later called it a meaningful prelude to containing the us territory of guam scott carr washington coming up at six thirty on six seventy kboi a nampa man is cleared of charges related to running over his neighbor in for rick worthington i'm jay how will six nineteen now six seventy kboi david allen in for chris walton paul j schneider here with me we love the sweet deals don't reporter greater love this destroyed yields.

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