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First of all. I i really never took care of. Even though i have three children. I'd never fully to cara from. I always had help. 'cause i work. I work a lot. So i didn't have experience growing up. I never change. Your diaper diaper was mercedes. So an idea. Do up eric with job but and you know so just for me to go ahead and be have more knowledge just totally more knowledge so i just even does surprise me so many times. What mercedes used to do with son with sunny. But i will just said she knows better. She knows what she's what she's doing when mercy said she's going to avacado for her first food ever i was on. My mind was like avocado. Okay because we always get in those tiny powder. Cereal things with the former the by schuss going to give avocado oak. You know so. It is just to say i know mercedes. Nandy know what they're doing and to go here and just be their cheerleader. Even though inside of me was going okay. I don't know about that. But okay. I am and right now. You're yeah and right now sunny next to me with a little head against my shoulder and then once ya sin far like say okay. Bye mom bye mom. Because you're yeah yeah they have a special slide on you love ya. What's your favorite thing about ya. Ya have mostly like to go in her car to her house. And do you go swimming. E two shoot okay so leaks conceal. She always wants to spend the night at ya. Ya she wanted to leave. She's ready to go on this trip. While you have been such a wonderful guy to send flower in the boys right. Yeah girls time and in Has been such a blessing to as hoss sunny. May one year. We got to go to what women to forced home. Yes three of us yes. The mother daughter it was so fun and she usually wants me to show her pictures from that. She had so much fun. Well thanks a mom for answering these questions about our sweet sunny girl. Is there anything else you wanna say or share does happy mother's day to all the moms happy mother's day to use sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. You are such a blessing and such a wonderful woman. Mother and i thank you so much for all my grandkids. All of them. There are amazing. And i don't know sometimes how you do it because like i said i did not take care of my own kids all the time you did you were. Yeah and he's like a had help but admire yes. Admire you very much happy. Mother's day to all the mamas out there. You guys are amazing. Thank you for all these beautiful children. Thank you for my sunflower bank. Mom bye bye.

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