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Of course this matter those other guys map it's just jeff fischer it matters yet if the cardinals higher jeff fischer would you rather a draft todd girlie or leonard fournet i'm sorry i was already david david johnson in a letter until david johnson look i roll the dice yeah i think so jeff fischer also got ta really to that great 2015 'this and fernandez for that it's really disappoint you also coach that he georgian uh uh what snake restaurants are you guys so yeah matt nagy to the to the bears he was the chiefs offensive coordinator he gave us this year the number three quarterback the number four running back the number five wide receiver and standard number eight and ppar and the number one tight end so he gave us nagy gave us the best offense in fantasy that is unbelievable what do you think udal bears do you say he gave it to you he only call the place for the last six games of the year and it might not even be slashed six because there's talk that andy retook over in the second half of their playoff gallard makes sense is cream on in touch them all so reid said after the game mack call the good players i called the bad place which tells me that he was covering for every means lag arpaio wallah while while wealthy was lewis yeah so i'm going to go ahead and say that all six of those games were all nagy and look he he's he's a disciple from the andy reid trees a former quarterback he's going to run the west coast system i think it's a great fit for trubisky nagy apparently was a trubisky fan last year this time thoughts and in one eight eight zero he didn't say this this came out its from reporter in chicago no it's up from that it's from our reporters got the at your miss a sucks i'll take the job.

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