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For pat frisch he'll be back on tuesday him in jim freezer during the morning show correct has the your hard work i'm not doing the morning show i'm just jen's doing that but oh i thought you were but later later coming up i will be ooh confused time so two four three thirty three thirty three lots going on in the world and i i came in rather melancholy today i gotta be honest really yeah i i'm teaching english this summer and it's just sometimes the novels resonate with me we did of mice and men and it just it's that's depressing and just the human condition and how many sad people there are in the world so this story kind of resonated with me this morning and it kind of took me places i didn't think i would go but i i don't know if this is gonna play or we'll see let's see city we're talking about panhandling there are arguments on both sides some say it's free speech others say it's dangerous but one albuquerque teenager says something needs to be done after she caught some women on video dancing provocatively at an intersection in the heights colton shown has the video and a warning though you might wanna tell the kids to close their eyes team many of us are all too familiar with and people on the side of the roads asking for money some plant themselves on the freeway on and off ramps others on busy streets sidewalks but monica padilla saw something she hadn't seen before at the intersection of central and tramway let's stop here because if monica body as a teenager and she hasn't been to prom or homecoming it's basically they don't let me just narrate this for you for all you parents and millennials and young people out there there's no more dancing let me tell you it is called i don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind model seen them raw so if if the teenager is clutching her pearls at this point i'm kind of shocked because if you haven't been to a high school dance lali don't go they should sell their she might be offended there should be a parental advisory on the door of every high school dancing down so let let this is the video she recorded of two women dancing suggestively immediate one swings around the paul in this video you can see.

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