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Fifty everybody wants to know how much protein should i eat every day the question which there's no good answer to is what is excessive and hear you get all different kinds of answers so i'll give you the sort of recommended daily allowance to the recommended daily allowances zero point eight grams per kilogrammes of bean wait some people said it should be the total weight which doesn't make a lot of sense to me because if you are very fat for example you're going to have a lot of higherweight but that fat tissue does not require protein to it doesn't make sense to account for that so zero point eight grams per kilogram of lean mass there are people who recommend higher and who recommend lower so certain doctors say you should eat very high protein like one half grams per kilo per day i'm i'm i tend not to agree with that but it all depends on your situation proteins are built up of these building blocks called amino acids to your body sort of assembles the amino acids into different protein sorta like you can take lego and built different things out your body has a certain turnover protein so proteins get old and your body will break it down if you go on an extended fast for example a you really deplete the body of this what you find is that most of this amino acids are reabsorbed through the year and and that makes sense because the bodies not going to waste protein if it really needs it and for this reason some people say that you react she need very very little uh protein intake even down to zero four grounds for key labor day.

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