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The league of put these rules in place and the greatest benefit benificiary of these rule has been the quarterback in the offenses because we've seen an explosion in numbers. Unprecedented numbers didn't used to be skipped. You know, when you covered the game, if a quarterback threw for three thousand yards, he had unbelievable season. If your quarterback does not throw for four thousand yards in today's game, he they bomb. John Elway had one thousand yard season. I don't know if Troy Aikman ever had a four thousand yard season. That's why you think deck Prescott s- bomb. Am I right. First of all, all of things get yourself. The number that the numbers that were seeing is because of the protection of the quarterback. The quarterback is the stand in the pocket, and he knows a less he gets in the number. That's the only air. You could hit the quarterback in the numbers on his jersey. He got the guy, six, six, and you get a twelve inch frame hit. That's what you get to here, but so limits you question. Can you pick the running back up Atlanta? Oh, you wait on absolute. You picked arrive receiver. Absolutely. That's all I'm saying, skip Aaron Rodgers. Get deported these protections. Now he doesn't want if always somebody that gift to pretension that doesn't want him just the popularity of the National Football League hinge on the the injury that's be suffered by running back or wide receiver. Oh, no, no, it's a quarterback's game. You have to protect the quarterback, but you have to have a would you call them twelve inch window. Okay. Klay math. Us found the little sweet spot on little sweet court cousins. He sweetly wrapped one arm around him with a textbook tackle just wrapped him around and took him gently to the ground and laid him gently in the crib. Right..

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