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Did you have have heroes when you were younger. Real Heroes Real people. I'm of a certain age. Were my heroes. Were seven American pilots. Who became the mercury seven astronaut? Not these seven men Alan Shepard Gus Grissom John. Glenn Wally Chirac Gordon. Cooper deeks Layton and Scott Carpenter or who many young boys stories like me want it to be like a couple of these guys. I followed them to the Naval Academy. But I didn't pursue being pilot. That's another story but like like one of them. Scott Carpenter. I followed him to the ocean. Scott Carpenter was born in May of nineteen twenty five and he died in October. Two thousand thousand thirteen at the age of eighty eight his path to becoming a mercury astronaut is fascinating and you can read all about that and his book that he co authored with his daughter titled for Spacious Skies Guys. It's a great read but Scott was more than an astronaut. He was also a knock. Were not his only spaceflight was in May of nineteen sixty two. You and that was three months after John Glenn's orbital flight and you can hear Scott on John Glenn's flight with the uttering the phrase Godspeed John Glenn now that was his only flight that he ever took in space and there was a lot of controversy about it related to how he piloted the capsule and landing so with Scott not being able to fly again or not having a flight he decided to pursue another path in the book that he co authored with his daughter they discuss. How Scott was not scheduled to make another flight with NASA so he decided to pursue something different and he wanted to go to a lecture at Mit to hear Jacques Cousteau speak and then he approached him with a proposal that he wanted to join jock? Cousteau's rose divers. They had some dialogue and and jot determined that it might be a good idea of Scott work with the US Navy. Now Scot wasn't even a diver from the account in his book. He was exposed to the ocean when he was stationed in Hawaii and they talk about him snorkeling with his family family often ever beach. Remember being outed of a beach for some softball games when I was stationed out there in the Navy I guess being a national channel Hero has some advantage so he was able to connect with George Bond. Who is heading up to navy saturation diving program at the time and planning C.? Lab One Scott joined the program I he needed to learn how to dive. Obviously not that great of a challenge for someone who ventured into space he was was supposed to be part of the crew on C. Lab one but right before the mission he crashed his motor. Scooter in Bermuda the site of C.. Lab One and was a pretty bad accident and he was had had to be evacuated. Now they didn't know Scott was ever going to be able to die again but he was cleared an actually he was named. CEO of the C.. Lab To mission which was going to be off California in two hundred feet of water and it was actually a nice tat where ten men would live for fifteen days. Each Scott stayed for thirty while on that mission He got stung by a Scorpion working fish and was in pretty bad and painful State but there was caused concern but He stated out for thirty days now while Scott was on there. There's there's a film that the Navy had produced it's vintage archives. It's about thirty minutes long and you can look at it. That goes into all of the C- lab too and it shows Scott playing playing the Ukulele while he's down in NC lab to And then there's also a scene where he's talking to Gordon Cooper one of his mercury seven buddies who was on a Gemini flight at the time so he was talking from the ocean floor to the Gemini Capsule that was In orbit and Scott was going to be part of C. Lab three but He was no longer able to dive. I've so he wasn't cleared for saturation diving. So then therefore he went back to NASA where he was working with the astronauts and one of the things it was interesting is he was instrumental in introducing the pool training as a simulator for weightlessness in space first. They were very skeptical about doing it. But it proved who've to be Quite innovative so Scott Carpenter was not only an astronaut. WHO's also an awkward not He's one of my heroes growing up in a great American hero and another link in our diving history.

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