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Lose their minds madden's on the field there's a famous bill in call and you know people forget we started to come back kick the extra point win the game because they tied the game at twenty and came out and kicked the extra point win game there's another one from the early two thousand at seattle the war was at the time if you're if you went to recover a fumble in your momentum took you into the end zone that didn't result in a back the way it did for an interception and charles woodson chase down ricky watters about seventy yards in tomahawk them from behind enforced the ball out marquez pope recovers it inside the five yard line lies in the end zone gets touchdown by seattle defender for a safety we lose a game by two points and they changed so your momentum does now result in a touchback on a fumble now the rule of needs to be changed that if you fumble the ball on offense new your opponent's goal line and it goes out of the end zone you should get the ball maybe on the five yard line or something i don't see any reason why the and most people don't see any reason why the ball gets turned over to the defense right and that that's been been focused conversation recently you know you go back to the you know the holy roller now they changed that will so you know there's no more full fumbles and it goes back to the spot where it was fumbled in some instances only the player fumbled it can recover it you know stick them with outlawed after lester hayes interceptions in one afc defensive player of the year nineteen eighty there's a lot of rules that have changed because of of this over in black over.

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