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To you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts welcome back to the sporting life and we're joined again as we were in our last segment by the great roger bennett twenty years later to hear so many of these guys balboa marcelo balboa and alexi lalas and steve sampson especially in john harkes and eric wynalda and let's not forget david ritchie although i'm not sure i'm pronouncing his last name any better than you did you know to hear them speak so candidly now when we do at the time that it was the titanic i mean a blind man could have seen that what we didn't really know was the inner workings the actual slice i mean that's why it was so fascinated to get into the actual mechanics of how disaster unfolds you know anybody can make a great podcast series a documentary about a great triumph but to make one about an epic defeat takes a different kind of understanding of human nature and human foibles and just the extended stuff about the poker game in how'd that lead to division in the team and then to your thomas wrong in the assistant coach at the time talk about how shocked he was at what steve sampson the coach was doing with their formation the three six one and the unfolding disaster against germany it's great journalism in it's great storytelling into been a part of it but not to really known it the way that you you tell the story was very rewarding espn the great bob layton documentary that was fly on the wool behind the scenes of this team that i really mind for the series and it was hilarious just how little any of the journalists named mesa journalist i interviewed said you know we will say this whole spoil with new to us we had no idea what to us we had no idea what we were watching we truly believe that america was going to win because that's what americans day we look at how to win we win bake with the dream team where we crush all opponents and elbow went on golan in the head as we dunk on them charles barkley and beaten my seventy points well we win underdog let the miracle on ice what americans don't do is lose so they all went into thinking everything was great they were going to win and this team by.

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