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Main guy. They've now robbed the Bank and they've gotten all the money. He starts killing off his own guys. So he can't get caught. Yeah. And that's how I took that. How can you not take it like that? If he's this deranged loner that everybody's putting them as maybe he is a little bit. But still like there's something is so incredibly off about that moment. There is Phil Everley the Everley brothers died on his state just for five years ago at the age of seventy four you cannot underestimate the importance of the Everley brothers seriously, the Beatles idolized him and part of that great harmony that Lennon McCartney foreign based on that. On this date in fourteen. Thirty one Joan there's always a Joan of arc mansion. Joanie mark. Fourteen thirty one I'll read it here Joan of arc handed over to the Bishop on this date in fourteen thirty one now, she eventually right gets burned into state. Yeah. I sometimes think we all hear that expression. And don't take it a step further that somebody right had to kind of like tire feet to like some poll knowing what they were about to do. Oh, yeah. And then like from what you understand like the village would come out. Oh, they're burning somebody to stake today. Oh, I'm at work. I can't make it. I see what people that was totally a thing it, it was the thing for a long time like executions and all that. Yeah. Means going to going back. I mean, not even all that far out figure even like eighteen hundreds and baby early nineteen hundreds depending on where you were going that. Yeah. People like people used to tailgate hangings effectively like they would go to somebody's house early and have bring a bottle of wine talk about what's going to happen. Hobby bet on how long like he could stay alive with his head chopped off in a basket. Maybe how long would squirming go on to finally end. This is gotten very sick. So let me came this on this date in eighteen seventy the booklet bridge. Construction for began thirteen years. It took to building thirteen years. Honestly sounds shorter than I'd expect you ever like every night. I drive directly under the Benjamin Franklin bridge on my way to here. And it blows me away every time. I see just the base of it. You know with all that stone go how in God's name. Did they build this thing? It's amazing. It really it really is Babe Ruth. Was so by the Red Sox on this date to the New York back in one thousand nine hundred twenty the curse it a Bambi? No went on for decades before the Red Sox did that you do a lot of talk radio there, Vince, Queen, and you know, you really have to come prepared when you do hours tonight. The tonight show, which is an hour. Even at you, go. Wow. You got to have a new monologue. Every night. You got different guest on you wanna do a bit. You know, you got competitors. That are also have a tonight show on this date which shortened from one hundred and five minutes to ninety it was one hundred and five minutes for a while. Wow. And we night and then got short in the ninety and ninety four awhile before it got shortness. Sixty on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy three on running later. George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees from CBS ready. This twelve million. Twelve million. It's worth twelve billion now. Yeah. Well, yeah. Well over a billion. Yeah. It's gotta be close to two if not over to TV contracts, I eight hundred million or something like that..

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