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Rest of the day figuring out how to combine their strengths. It was a good thing, too, because the Jaguar came back the very next day. Hey, you little liars! He roared jumping down from the woods. I'm back and this time. You won't trip me up. Holly and Travis were ready for him, so they didn't scream or try to run. They had come to the river to eat and they couldn't let themselves be bullied away. Sure you have it right this time. Holly asked Oh I'm sure, said Davi. My Mom taught me a song, so I wouldn't forget again. Turtles have a shell that you can't squish. They go underwater like a school of fish for hunting. You should know they swim pretty good, but walk pretty slow. If you WANNA eat them well, you gotta scoop them out of their shell and hedgehogs have a lot of spines. Got Big pokey backs all cupboard with four. Can you time when they hear your mind? He call. They'll ride up tied into a ball if you WANNA pounce with thunder. You gotTa Dunk them under. So see Davi. Said prowling forward. I know which is which and you can't wait. What are you doing? This is what the friends had been waiting for. As soon as the Jaguar came closer, they both slipped into their shells and rolled up like a hedgehog. What's going on? You both have shells, but you're all rolled up your shading again. He pounced on Holly and then Travis he batted around and pushed them into the water, but their shells kept them safe. Their roles kept them from being scooped, and Travis had even taught holly the secret to holding her breath, so even dunking them under didn't work. That's it. You are liars, and now you're cheaters. You going to eat us, so we're just keeping safe. Well. It's not fair. The Jaguar roared. You're not hedgehogs or turtles. The, truth is he was right with their rolling and shells and water and everything else. They weren't a hedgehog or a turtle anymore in joining together holly and Travis had become something new. They had become armadillos the first two in the world. You can't get us, said Holly, feeling not so hapless for the first time in a long time, so just leave us alone. Yeah said Travis. We got roles. We got shells and you can't eat us. What ever I give up, said Davi the Jaguar. He batted them around a few more times, but they just rolled safe in their shells. Finally frustrated beyond belief. He stormed away in a half. That night he told his mom about the new creature, and she told him to just leave it alone. There are plenty of other things to eat animals that could curl their shells and hold their breath. Just weren't worth the trouble. Once they realized they were safe. Holly and Travis talked about switching back. Do you want your shellback asked Holly I could always go back to spikes. No Way said Travis you. Keep it so we can both roll around together. Deal said Holly and they stayed armadillos happy and safe together. Over time they taught many of their friends and families, the trick of combining their powers to and today Armadillos live safely and happily all over the world. And Jaguars they look for easier meals. The End. Today story with our powers combined was an adaptation of one of Roger Kipling's just so stories written for you by Daniel Hynes, and performed for you buy me Amanda Weldon with a Song Bias, both if you would like to support stories podcast, you can.

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