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Um renewed and a taco shell softer hard soft or hard tackles show and you heard it here first team in tom's top10 now you tell him toppings in tricks that heartshell tacos are not authentic mexican no you idiot it would set stich worth that's being nice with them no they are not why not where they come from them um um you know uh it's stupid americans ira fruits and like you don't really know yana all i know is that at the taco truck near me which is as as we establish before mary authentic right they don't tell us a hardshell duck is that what you're visiting all of this odd that in taco bell i know that taco bell is not authentic it may have heard shell attack oberle might not be authentic but they're certainly the uh the the pacesetter now they're the the the the boise call that the pay source trendsetter now is there something with a horse pace car no somebody with a horse the best horse they're the best horse um yet taco bell has long been the best horse in this race yes taco bell luck it's on authentic mexican beds great um so you're telling me a mexico they don't have thereto tacos um i don't even know if they have jury dostam during does as we all now came from disneyland are bs they came from disneyland great another thing that disney in ruined they were ida it's crazy me at disney doesn't still have a stake into reito's but they don't uh but they were invented added businessman that's what i always say about a disney about walt disney roy disney roy disney junior.

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