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They're taking advantage. Like, you said, Tom and one thing I would say about Robert Quinn now that's not a free agent. That is not somebody that they're looking to a let's take advantage of see if we can get a discount here, whatever they're actually just trying to fortify their defensive line. And if you have if you're able to work it out to where you have to markets Lawrence on one side, and you have Robert Quinn on the other. I don't mean to be rude or anything to Mr. Randy, Gregory. But to hell with thinking about anybody else at that point. You got somebody at several years, but but if you do have in there to come in and be the rotational end. Yes. Yeah. There. You know, you're looking at some really good production coming from that defensive line. And that's what they need Tom because let's be real DeMarcus Lawrence had a pretty good season again. And he deserves to get paid. He needs some help. And just if you wanna dive a little bit deeper into it. This might let them kick uncle Charlton inside on the line, which there's a lot of people that think. But three tech might be a better use of his skills. Yeah. That that could be true. And you know, taco Charlton is looking for any type of way he can break into this because he's kind of had an underwhelming two years. So far with the Dallas Cowboys. But yeah as much as I ridiculed them in. You know, had said how I was unhappy. Just kind of my opinion was that the Cowboys were bargained been shopping and hoping for you know, they were gonna get bargain bin results sometimes because up until these types of signings, and we don't know what they're gonna turn out to be the the best signing over the last couple years has been Joe looting. And he's a backup center. I just wanted to see the Cowboys get a little bit aggressive. I feel like they're getting a little bit aggressive. They're taking a few risks calculated risks. They're not going to jeopardize a future of their team because they are one of the younger teams in the NFL. But I do feel like with some of these signings Randall Cobb or going after possibly scene of Eric berry. She has something to give or Robert Quinn. Any of these guys carry Hyder, you mentioned underrated signing. Maybe just maybe the Cowboys are gonna be able to catch lightning in a bottle here by getting some production outta guys that they don't have to invest long-term in right now. Yeah. And I think this of looking to what they've got to do because you know, they still got to work out the Bill with Lawrence. They they've got Dak Prescott that they want to extend the gut Ezekiel coming up, and they've gotta figure out something with Amari Cooper, because he's got one year left is deal. They're gonna wanna keep him so buyer Jones, even though Mike Fisher thinks that. Yeah. Jones might be the odd man out. You never know what's going to happen there. Yeah. And it, you know, it's the, you know. Football roster has so many moving pieces on it. But it's it's going to be just you know, it's just this looks like a kind of free agency for the Cowboys. If you if you also add in the potential, Robert Quinn trade there is aggressive nece here. They are looking for more talent than I think they have looked for in the past. And it's like. Yes. And I think that that are kind of getting more into that all live mode. Yeah. And you know, they should be because you look at a lot of teams in their position. Now, a lot of teams don't have as many ten plus million dollar players on their roster. But as the Cowboys do at that offense of line of there. But if you look at the Cowboys do they have young quarterback, they need to take advantage of that be of once you start paying the quarterback guys. You start losing pieces. Yes. And it they're try. They're trying to to do both trying to get a lot this season. But they're doing away doesn't handcuff them in can help going down the road. You know, SICOM comes back and is kinda like primetime Cobb back. It was really a producing..

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