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Support for this podcast and the following message come from Amazon web services, whether it's searching for life on other planets or helping enterprises reinvented. Their industries AWS helps technology scale to meet the challenge. More at AWS is how dot com slash podcast so back in the nineteen eighties. Rod canyon left Texas Instruments with one vision to create a better, portable computer. He had no idea his twenty eight pound invention would not only compete, but also be out computing, giant IBM. We I ran this episode in may of twenty seventeen and there is a lot of great stuff in here. Enjoy. Well, it's that if I b m Anderson market they take over and push everybody out in February of nineteen Eighty-four IBM introduces their own portable into the market. Ardor stopped because before it actually was introduced they were showing it to dealers and customers, and they just stopped ordering ours. That was that was a very very life threatening situation. We had this factory running full speed and no place to go. From NPR. It's how I built this show that innovators entrepreneurs idealists and stories behind the movements. They built. I'm guy Rosin today show Haradh canyons personal computer startup Compaq too on the biggest computer company in the world. And what? If you have a PC at home or at work, and you buy some software like word or turbo tax. It doesn't really matter. If you've Adele or a HP or Toshiba because if it's a piece of it will run PC's after and that makes perfect sense. Right. But believe it or not in the nineteen eighty s in the early days of personal computers. That is not how it worked. If your computer was say in IBM. Well, you needed software written for an IBM. An IBM was the biggest player by far. In fact, some people thought that IBM would eventually crush all the competition and become the only PC maker. But all that changed when rod Kenyon started Compaq now rot wasn't your typical. Restless entrepreneurial guy. In fact, he had a good stable job at Texas Instruments as an electrical engineer, and he was pretty happy there. But one day in nineteen. One. He's managers assigned him to work on a new project, and it was something that rod believed would not work. And so he started to get frustrated basically was being told to go spend the next two years of my life being Mahindra of all and end up in failure. So at that moment rod started to talk to to close colleagues at Texas Instruments, Jim Harris and Bill Mirko, and basically said Paik, maybe we should leave we met and talked about how we were going to go start a company, and there were a lot of startup companies in California and Silicon Valley one of the first things we realized is g these guys are having fun. They're making a ton of money, and you know, they're not any smarter than we are. They just they're just out doing it themselves. There was also this awareness that something really big is going on in the personal computer market when I beam entered the market in August of nineteen eighty one we realized that that market was going to explode. And then what happened is fall Comdex came along. We went out to the conference and saw all of the companies and all of the things going on. It was just that. Did we went back to Houston and talked about we're going to miss this. If we don't get going, so. Jim Harrison, I turned into resignation right away. Bill Myrtle waited

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