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Michael did the math. He just sat needs to average like twenty four points a game during his Laker contract and he would do, is that right? Yeah, he has to go five more years or last year would have been the first of it right for years. Maybe it's twenty five game and he passes. That's unbelievable. You know, last year he's averaging thirty. So. He's, he's if you've never seen him playing person. He's unbelievable. He's got is in the back of his head. And here's the thing that you don't know until you see him. He six nine to seventy five and not fat, right? So he just looks like a tank and he's got great balance and speed. Everybody else Leger it's not the same. Kobe. Kobe was a was a great score. You know, could score from anywhere LeBron is right the washing now, you know, it's a completely different animal. These gonna make the other guys better. Well, I think that, yeah, I think he's absolutely going to make the other guys better. If you've ever seen, did you do you remember the the pre-game workout that they showed somebody somebody videoed the pre-game work and I was on Instagram before the game. He's kneeling on the balanced ball and they're throwing them a medicine ball back and forth. His core strength is just ridiculous. Okay. And that's what he does before the game yet. Here's something that's. To me LeBron spends one point five million a year. Yep. On fitness on Kreil on tree. It's crab chamber in his house on personal trainers on fitness equipment. I mean, so you know, everybody says, says these guys make millions very few of them do this. It's it's unbelievable. All right. Hey, Ryan Abraham net yet, right. UNC football, what's up? It was Saturday USC football. Scrimmage. I for scrimmage for the Trojans. So game like environment and the the Trojans have had a three way quarterback battle between Matt Fink and Jack Sears and super freshman. JT Daniels and Daniels was unbelievable in the scrimmage by all accounts. In fact, let's see. No less than Dylan Hernandez wrote this. He said, go ahead, believe the hype US's JT Daniels shows he's ready to compete at quarterback Daniels in the game, was ten of twelve passing with four touchdowns. Three of them to guy played high school ball with. At mater dei Amman raw, Saint Brown. That's probably a connection. We're gonna see a lot this year assuming and it seems safe to assume that JT Daniels is going to be the quarterback. Let's ask Ryan Abraham from USC football dot com. Hey, ryen what's up..

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