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Defending the capital. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News. Today We gather to honor Officer Brian Sick, Nick, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Moments ago, it is ceremony where the officers remains an unearned lie in honor. In the Capitol Rotunda four day weeks after the Capitol riots. He was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it did on the day when peace was shattered. President Biden paid his respects last night officer Sick. Nick will later be buried at Arlington National Cemetery later this hour. Schumer and Senate Democrats will go to the Oval Office and meet with the president on their $1.9 trillion Corona financial aid plan. But one Democrat doesn't want Republicans excluded the kind of bipartisan way through Senator Joe Manchin tells Fox he'll try to keep the GOP involved is Democrats move forward using budget reconciliation, which sidesteps filibusters and can pass without any GOP votes. Now they have worked out a broader arrangement with Republicans. Fox is Jared Halpern live at the Capitol. But it took a month for Senate leaders, the broker and organizing resolution of power sharing agreement for a 50 50 divided Senate that gives Democrats the top spot son each committee. Senate Democrats are not going to waste any time. Taking on the biggest challenges facing our country and our planet. Majority leader Chuck Schumer says the Senate will vote on the resolution later today. Democrats hold the tie breaking vote on any 50 50 split with Vice president Kamila Harris. Dave You're the Golden Globe nominations are out and this show got the most for TV You want queen of the Crown got six nominations, including best drama. Syria's main collect away from movies also nominated six times, including best drama film and Netflix stands out it shows and movies up for a combined 42 Golden Globe Awards will find out the winners February 28. Americans listening to Fox News News radio K. L. B J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by Edelman Financial engines. The Austin Council said to vote tomorrow on the hell resolution, which would ban camping in four areas. The original proposal was to impose legal consequences for people who continued camping in those spots. Now council member and Kitchen has shifted course and is calling for no policing or citations to be involved. The resolution does uphold the city commitment to the decriminalization of homelessness. And so the city appears to be lacking any clear cut enforcement strategy here. The council is expected to pass the resolution, then wait for the city manager to devise that strategy for them. On a similar note of virtual town hall. Discussion is planned for 6 30 this evening on tomorrow's expected purchase of the Candlewood Suites Hotel in northwest Austin for almost Housing Council member Mackenzie Kelly will host that discussion. Along with Austin Police, The real estate Department and various homeless service providers and Austin public Health says will be notifying anyone who's gotten the first covert vaccine when the time arrives for the second dose. This comes as the state of Texas this week has said thousands of people who have gotten the first jab are now overdue for their second dose, which is required of both the Madonna and Visor vaccines. We'll see a mix of clouds and sun. Hi 76 degrees on Patrick Osborne. Get Austin News on demand at news radio, K l b j dot com Mark and Melissa there live local and they're talking about the stories that matter to You Share your opinions with Market Melinda at 51283605 90. Now here are Mark and Melinda No. Three. Good morning. Hey, Melinda Howard. Are you doing? I'm doing well. Thank you. How are you this morning. Doing great. Thank you. Alice is here producing Thank you for joining us. The City Council of Long Beach, California thought it was doing something noble. It was insisting that The grocery stores out there pay an additional $4 per hour to all of their workers as hazard pay during the pandemic. Yeah, they were supposed to do that for at least 120 days, and then I guess to be looked at after that fact. But instead of Ah, few of these grocery stores doing that they actually had to close their doors because they couldn't afford, they said. What would that amounted to about 26% increase? In their payroll. Kroger is the chain that's closing two stores in Long Beach, California. And the City Council thought they were doing something very noble here by raising the pay rate for the people who work there. And they're not the only ones. There are other cities in California that air moving down this path of mandating, requiring that grocery store workers get an additional $4 per hour. And to me. This caught my attention because This was $4 extra an hour. I don't know what these grocery store employees were making. But the case is being made with just this $4 extra mandated by first off a city has no right to tell a private business how to do that. But anyway, it just Ties into the $15 minimum wage that they're trying to push through with the coronavirus package that they're looking to pass now and if this can happen You better bet that it happens across the board and one of the complaints from Kroeber was Listen. We already operate at a laser or razor thin margin. And most of times operate in the red. When you add on that additional labor costs for us, there's no way for us to keep our doors open, and that's what you're seeing here, and that's what you're going to see for some businesses that that's how they operate. It's a very thin margin of profit that they're even able to make, and when you add in labor cost you either going to have them close, like Kroger's doing with these two stores. You're going to have them lay off employees and or you're going to have them have to raise their prices for whatever product it is that they sell. Look at all the victims employees who are now out of work. People who live in these areas who depended on that grocery store. They have to find another place to go shop. The unintended consequences ripple through that community. L A is thinking about doing the same thing, so we'll keep our eye on that for you. This is emerging throughout California, and the California Grocers Association is very worried about it. They said This is just the beginning of bad things to come..

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