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Megan thee stallion And i'm thinking of course about their provocative performance of the grammys this year which i loved A lot of people had a lot of thoughts on it. How does race complicate the way we talk about. Women being sexual in public. Do you think madonna door for them to do what they do. I think madonna opened the door for white woman to do it. And i think that when if black women do it you know. It's a whole different story. If madonna had made song w a wop The conversation around that would have been entirely different. And ben chewier would not have sort of lost his goddamn mind you know like the rules are just different and black. Women are always punished for sexuality. Yeah so then. Do you think that in this example. Who's opening the door or cardi. B and megan of opening the door themselves. I think they're opening the door themselves. Other people have opened the door but black women tend to have to reopen the over and over again whereas white women like lady gaga. Got to walk through the door that madonna and but cardi b. and make. The stallion had to reopen the door. That nicki menaj opened and open right Okay so just to switch gears again. Madonna portrayed ever perron vida. She directed a film about the life of wallace. Simpson the duchess of windsor. And she's famously a huge fan of frida kahlo. What do you think draws to such complicated women. I think she knows a good story when she sees it and i think that she sees herself as a complicated woman i think she sees her something of herself in these women and so i think she's just sort of searching for vehicles where she can express that side of herself. We get support from parade. Parade makes the most incredibly comfortable creative basics in a variety of sizes from extra small to three x l. And listen. I'm dead serious when i say that this stuff is so comfortable. I wanna throw this company a parade. See there and i feel the same way. They've got boy shorts a super comfortable. Thong parade underwear starts at eight dollars and recently they launched their first ever brawl. It's yeah i gotta say when you say that they're comfortable. It's so true. You know how much i don't like wearing clothes. I'm actually wearing a pair of parades underwear right now tells you how comfortable they have to be for me to be wearing them at home when i don't really need to be closed other than on this. That is shot a glowing. It really is. I also really love. How many colors. There are parades basics coming over thirty expressive colors which means there are endless. Mix and match opportunities. Yes so currently..

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