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I non. Dan Don't wait okay. Verse Story Sorry. I highlight of the Oscars Janelle monae the show. Speaking her mind during her outstanding Oscars opener. Her she kicked off Hollywood's biggest night with an electrifying. Medley of songs starting with an edition of rendition of. Won't you be my neighbor Then she highlighted a lot of the year snub films like mid Somare and rocket man. I should I guess so. I was recommend snubbed. Well the movie was. The song wasn't because they won and they were nominated but like it was snubbed in the car and Edgerton wasn't nominated okay and I think he should have been. I don't think I'm sure there was other snobs. But there was a lot of snaps and she was highlighting the snubs and she did agree opener. Yeah she's super talented and I loved her red carpet dress. What of I think that might be my top look of the night but I thought the performance was kind of strange like it was just a little all over the place and I couldn't tell if like she was the host? was she the opener. There is so much going on and I'm like do they. Miss the memo where Gentleman WanNa was hosting the Oscars like it was just a little messy because like no one wants to like someone would rather mc the Oscars from start to finish than say that they hosted it. No one wants at target on their back. I don't mind the format of award shows without hosts signed. I think it's interesting. I don't really care. I think a good host can make a show but it can also break show so whatever the Oscars were so boring and. I don't think that anything could have helped it. I realized how much I need a host first of all I was so excited for the Golden Globes when Rickie Jarvis was hosting I was like what is he going to say. What is he going to do? It may made it built up excitement like as opposed to just sitting around watching these people words and then the dumbest thing that they do at the Oscars is they bring someone out to introduce. Who's going to present? It's a presenter of the presenter. It's insane so many people like beanie Feldstein presenting ending Mindy Kaelin presenting an award. This job. No that was weird for sure. And that's and that's because we don't have a host. I know we're going to jump into the show but I want to mention a few quick things about the red carpet that that I just have to make people aware of because I don't know if people were aware of the fact that on ABC Anita who was hosting Lily Aldridge. What like isn't zoom weird an ABC was the big one because the show was on she? And I think it was tavern hall and Ryan Seacrest for a minute Ryan like renfrew e onto ABC cling. I change channels for one second. I'm watching E. Ryanair. There are going to go to commercial break so I go to channel seven again crazy. She actually did pretty good. There were a few moments where she was was like. visibly nervous. Like talking to Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio and she was just like well. Yeah like she was having a hard time but I I have to imagine this wasn't you don't just get your first time at the Oscars you know. That's so crazy. It was a really really interesting choice. Yeah and she looked beautiful with what who are the other correspondence tavern and haul out and Ryan seacrest. Just I said there's GonNa be other people that know. It was just kind of strange. He has thirty people working the right billy porter to. Oh that's a great man. He was good. I mean he's great his great in the opening. Yeah any other red pepper throw. What's Ryan was doing interviews inside the Jobe theater which I thought it was really interesting at like the last fifteen minutes rent from the carpet inside and interviewed a few people who maybe they missed on the carpet? where maybe he skipped the carpet? Yeah it was Kinda Cool Charlie. Sarah was their rhymes being a freak especially on he was really being so short with people like he could not have shopped Natalie. Portman L. he couldn't have shoved off the podium fast enough because Sir Sha Ronin was coming it it was just like a Natalie Portman. I think she was like she lives embarrassed. And that is embarrassed it was ruthlessly Natalie Portman Social Ronin like same thing my notes just as Ryan being so weird in short that that's the whole thing he just cutting people off left and right. There was a ten second interview. They can't believe you watch the red carpet like I watch last hour. Especially because we've been seeing the whole award. Season is the same people over and over again like coming through red carpet. Like what are they gonNA say an interview. I was honestly on twitter instagram at alphabets. Because that's the only thing that changes I was on instagram looking at outfits. Steve Martin Chris Rock kept the nights alias audience on their toes circle hit hit Jericho. But honestly I think the best comedy duo. The night has to go to kristen. Jason Rigging my Rudolph all my they were so funny like pretending to like show different emotions because there were so many directors in the room. That was so funny and saying that they should. It hosts next year. Well that's always how it happens. I think people are probably saying that about Steve Martin and Chris Rock which I would agree with two. That's always what happens like people they can audition. Yeah Yeah I mean I I just will take any house and they they were really funny I i. That was confused. I was confused too and honestly both of them couldn't have been wearing dress up there. They just looks a little silly affiliate of the costume. Totally Adina Menzel Army L. says performed into the unknown. Okay I have many thoughts because honestly like like I'm sorry but it was very disappointing. Because here's here's why I was so confused because Menzel is up there along with pretty much the sales of every other country. Yeah so I love to the global messaging you know. The world is big and small at the same time. But I'm like this is the best singers in the world like an literally. None of them could hit the notes. That girl who at the final note the Danish girl. Shame on her like she was awful and I just love the vocals were so not up to par with with with Oscars because then like Cynthia Ariba coming out and it's like Oh that's how you sing okay like I just can't believe the Oscars is the Pinnacle of talent like the Pinnacle of everything of art and film and Music and this is this performance is supposed to be representative of the pinnacle of music literally literally these girls like they just weren't good singers on my team until she had some good moments but that was so good in their final into the unknown note and the best part. It's only one hit or notes. Well honestly I can hit those nodes anyone. Can Cynthia Rio like. Wow did you see her performance performance. No I don't even know the song but I was like I was speechless like it was breathtaking. Her voice and by the way she didn't move a muscle like she was hitting. He's not high low. Didn't even move like it was nothing for her. She was like it was spectacular. It was and then. I'm like that next to demand and her Danish friends who couldn't sing. I was like Oh okay Jaggi like you have to watch Cinzia reveal. It and I've heard about Cynthia reveal. I knew she hasn't seen her perform. I knew she was in Harriet. I didn't know she sang until your husband told me he was harassing gay. Whatever but he was totally right because Oh my God she is incredible and that song should have one literally because of her performance? which which Song Rochman? Oh okay well. Even though I love Elton John and I loved recommend like I wouldn't have chosen that song to me. Because when he performed formed in a great milken Johnson forming. What is going to sing rocket man you know? I'm still standing and he's singing that song from the movie and I just thought it was like a really really subpar. Elton John Song. I didn't think necessarily that he i. I would agree with that. And then Diane Warren you know WHO's out here getting nominated eighteen times for an Oscar and has never won. It's like let's just give it to her you. I know it's been thirty two years. I saw a headline today like this memory continues. It's crazy. She goes to every Oscar nominated every year and has never one. She's Leonardo DiCaprio. It is really crazy. I loved the army of Al Says I do think that they should have led with show yourself and maybe they would have won the award on Philly Really Irish thing during the in Memoriam saying yesterday by the Beatles how was it spectacular. She's just such a talent and you know what was so like she. Like what an honor for her to have been given that like. She wasn't even on camera 'cause they were showing the pictures of the summer had passed away it was really just a moment for her voice to shine and it was it shine bright like a diamond like it was breathtaking. Love it. I know that Luke. Perry and Cameron Boyce were left out of in Memoriam. Oh you're right not cool. No the only people people who I had recognized was Kirk Douglas. Who has recently and Kobe Bryant? Yeah Doris Day. Brad Pitt won his first ever acting. Oscar Oh my God and he was so fucking cute. He was sitting the first row. And I know it's Oscars but it was next level star-studded Leo up Bradley Cooper Penelope Cruz. Who hasn't left her house at a month Charlene Margot Robbie up? It was spectacular. And I just have to say penelope Cruz like just moment for her dress. She's up there with my top. Three best drafts like she just looked like she is the definition. Like if you were open a dictionary and you looked up the word everything of the sort probably crews would be right there. Yeah really happy for Brian. I'm glad we got another Brad. Brad Pitt speech moment. Like just to round out this award season it was nice has made it all worthwhile. Even though I couldn't make it till the end of this Oscars it was. It was a great speech. It was a great I just would like to highlight a couple more moments I wrote out. There's so many women. Jeff bezos. Yeah Jeff Jesus was in the audience. which is that? What you're saying? And Steve Martin and Chris Rock acknowledged his presence presence. And I just felt like I felt weird. I think everyone felt we are. Jeff bezos. Looked weird he was freaking me out. It was like Dad Outta here but at least he had been attitude about it and he was smiling Meiling and laughing and he could laugh at himself like I was worried. He seems really sensitive tours. Read it's like volatile because he was such an uh-huh so vulnerable for the world seem so emotional and then the last thing I wanted to discuss is the absolute travesty. That was Chrissy bats. Okay because I was GONNA call you. Route Dina Menzel such a hard time. I'm telling you okay okay. A first of all. I didn't understand why she was there but then I found out that the song she was singing that was written by Diane. Warren was is in her movie. Breaks which wasn't nominated for anything except the film was so the person singing always has to be connected in some way so I I get I guess why they chose her. I read an article. Diane Warren did not want her to sing it but then she said okay. She's good she hasn't. She has a nice voice she has a community theater voice. It's like Oh it's like a fun party trick it's like..

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