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Now here on Houston's morning news the changing demographics in fort bend county well the same thing can be said all around the Houston area before been county in particular has all the Indian American population as I Asian American population it's about the third CPO across the board yet to Canada Rick Miller who made a comment about having some opposition within the party they only running cortical because they're Asian weather again there's a high Asian population there but he got a lot of trouble for he's no longer going to be running but the bottom line is is when demographics changed parties have to respond in the goods Republican Party fort bend Jupiter Lynda Howell joins us how Howard the changing demographics impacting the party and how do you go about trying to get that mass appeal out there to everybody well we are elderly and democratic three happened for being county because what Mike says about interesting eccentric right county but as the Republican Party we're working very hard to reach an agent ma'am all with our message will stay if you're I can start putting your about public and private we try to take that message out of just our Erica line and fade educational I thank our borders and the police and fire Bolland here is from all but left the band what it means to be a conservative and Republican out what working hard to reach these great you're trying to appeal to senses of community there but let's talk about the money you know there's an awful lot of money that comes in with districts when you see changing demographics and not necessarily from the individuals and that part is coming from political pax's come over in the party they're targeting fort bend county and now the Democrats are how do you find yeah yeah well it yet but cold yeah you have a large amount sent outside nothing can all right in and from other organizations that we here just trying to get our message out of hoping that having such a strong message small balance out but not yeah in our district twenty eight thank Kate Linda do you think it's important that your candidate sort of reflect the population itself in other words how important is it when you have high minority populations are or particular ethnic groups in your county that you have had candidates running that reflect those groups yeah yeah and I think that what excites me election if they can't work being the party one of our eggs as diverse ever so it's wonderful it's wonderful reflection about community okay thank you so much for joining us today that is GOP county chair for fort bend county Lynda Howell you're on newsradio seven forty Katie are it's time for another round of traffic.

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