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Multi and it should sudanese. Welcome all to aston. Villa through the years maltese. Mix types on this episode. dennis. We're gonna be talking about gordon. Tyler ronnie biggs and sugarloaf maintaining the super league the youth cup. You guy you love coventry city. So we're going to go back in time would also gonna go backing into and we're going to start full two years ago. The second of me knowing tonight when after a seventy one year white aston villa crowned champions of england. You make the old. We are tallying flow east so quickly dennis. What have to also say is on loving you. Mix tapes and for people that think will always be called. The maltese makes types. It evolves around football in music and your love of music. Your love of football. The mix types that you've you've sent we can't play any music on the podcast. But i attach the music to the podcasts and one song in particular the rim absolutely levin each party men ball the futures and at five o'clock or just after five o'clock that day because the kickoff was delighted. You were party telling wasn't you good shake way. Yes absolutely i to be out of the way through and you get benny l. Theme shock a what came fish the l. or the other futures are definitely benny hill. I remember watching benny as a kid. A do believe that song made knowing seen seventy eight so that was that was in the second. Mix tight because you did send a collection of songs that evoked memories of the championship winning team at season. For instance rock with you ya. Bamako jackson founded by ritchie holding. Back years boy. Simply red and rob me to throw tom site of freddie jackson which half deci all used to work in a knowledgeable in the early eighties and that was a staple an anti also used to have an all the it so remote used to chill touch upon the holy city zoo as well. But let's start at holy bureau and the buildup to that guy saturday. The second of my aston villa need just appoint didn't get the point but ultimately bosco yankovitch scored a light goals. And didn't they nothing in fact you actually. Didn't they turn up that day. Oh we didn't. We didn't because we got to on the motorway as well if it was unusual really because we we'd normally go down the night before we could play any london facilities in ron decided not to go down on the on the. I doubt whether you just felt that it would be best for. The guy is to just relax and You know not not be thinking about you know when you're going through the season with every game you played. It was exactly the same feeling yet whether you were saying that in a way you know we we. We would all those stores you know. Are we going to go out and make massive over going to go out there and win the game so you know going down to me. I think it was a mistake to go down on the day. Because i think everyone i think. I don't think anyone realized albany findings. We're going to travel on the motorway. Which is chock about we we actually. I mean the coach driver. We didn't have. We didn't have a police coordinate or anyone else get there but we should. We probably needed this of get while because in the end the bush drive you know. He was cajole to go down. The hard shoulder. Got pasta traffic now..

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