Colonel Freeman, Helen Carter, Director discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


And so they were for front in in in the pursuit of this particular field now if you recall from history colonel Freeman along with Donald key hello was very major key hole was very instrumental with the construction of nightcap of collecting this thousands and thousands of reports and photographs and presenting them to Congress national investigations committee on aerial phenomena Iraq and he any describes quite vividly how he ran into a wall of stone wall of resistance by government officials by military officials such type of of silencing that even that real Helen Carter who was with a former CIA director and part of the board and I capped eventually recused himself and so this time in the sixties when you had the and project blue book the Khandan report and the hearings in the Senate sixty eight with the professor McDonald it was an immensely active time of trying to get some hands able release of the secrecy that surrounds the subject and when you when you read that major kilos book and you see what he's run across you become to understand why disclosure is the most shall we say.

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