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It is thirty seven degrees at eleven o'clock. Good morning. I'm Doug cope. Our top story. The FAA has stopped flights into LaGuardia Airport in New York at least temporarily two major staff changes because of the partial federal government shutdown, Philadelphia and Newark are also affected with delays because of that. WBZ's? Karyn regal is Logan airport right now. Rewarding of reporting a more on this story. Karen? I'm looking at the departures board now and the arrivals board here at the JetBlue terminal and looking at the delays starting to build up. You can see him in yellow here are some of the arrivals delayed about two hours. The departures are starting to build up as well. That's it. It's a fairly load right now at Logan airport. And not a lot of people are particularly upset people are coming in looking at the border going. Yeah. I guess that's what we're stuck with right now. But again about two hour delays making their way to Philadelphia some to Newark and some to New York at this point in time. And again, I've only made it to the JetBlue terminal at this point reporting live from Logan Karyn, regal WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Thank you. Karen? She'll keep us updated. And how this is impacting flights in our areas. Well, now, meantime, it is a second to PayLess pay day for furloughed, federal employees CBS news, Capitol Hill. Correspondent nancy. Cordis with more of the impact of workers twenty thirteen the New York Times found that nearly two-thirds of federal workers don't have enough in their savings to pay their expenses for two weeks. How.

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